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What comes next? ITAM Verse

Early notice of ITAM’s future towards GameFi universe

Dear Community,

Today, we would like to casually share some stories about ITAM and its roadmap.

ITAM team has felt great responsibility for the recent delay of LOM launch date and have devoted the past month to structural and operational reorganization of LOM. Fortunately, while LOM has been adjusted to focus more on quality of campaigns and less on content quantity, LOM is equipped with a more sophisticated token economy and is at the verge of relaunch.

[read more about LOM relaunch]

So, what will come after LOM is released and finds a solid footing? We have not yet officially made an announcement, but we have already been preparing to adopt games other than Lime Odyssey M to our ITAM ecosystem. They were scheduled to be announced one by one after launching LOM.

These games were carefully selected to give more power to ITAM token holders and any blockchain gamers who are looking for diversified play-to-earn entertainment. Each of them will have its own token economy and seamlessly interact with each other.

So, what does this say about ITAM’s future direction in GameFi?

[ITAM Verse]

ITAM Verse

ITAM provides a middleware that seamlessly connects blockchain benefits to any game. At the same time, ITAM builds a backbone for each token economy with its exclusive knowledge and experience in blockchain operation and management.

And yes, this is not the end. In fact, the real story begins here.

ITAM will integrate different IP games to a single platform, NFT.Farm, to create a unified digital space where the trinity of games, game studios, and gamers become symbiotic. This space is not simply a portfolio of games wrapped in a platform, but an interactive universe where heroes, lands, pets, and items from each game will come together and freely function in a separate manner.

By doing so, ITAM will give birth to an entirely new genre of leisure economy where play-to-earn mechanisms across multiple games are integrated into one digital space. It will go beyond cross-game use and trade of digital assets, enabling each user to build a unique digital identity within ITAM’s metaverse where achievements from various games will add up to a single unified play-to-earn experience.

ITAM token will be the main governance currency for ITAM Verse and each game token will support and run in-game activities. Also, tokens from other projects can be integrated as well to create a multifaceted entertainment campaigns.

Now, as we finalized the transfer of management authority to Prunebomb Soft, we are back on our track to developing ITAM Verse. The first step will be a complete revamp of NFT.Farm’s design to ensure scalability.

Hope you are excited as much as we are for the coming ITAM Verse, which will break the mold about what NFT gaming can be. We are ready to share all the excitement and development process with you.

Thank you.



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