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Discover ITAV trip. How does it work?

As mentioned previously, ITAV is a travel startup revolutionising the way you travel. Through our years of traveling, we realised that It Takes A Village (ITAV) to plan a trip…so what about making it beautifully simple for you?!

Forget about spending days doing tedious research through an overwhelming information overload…Forget about the times that you’ve been trying to make sense of controversial and contradictory reviews to end up going to the same touristic traps that leave you disconnected from the city, its culture and its people. In general, forget about everything and let us do the “travel math”. With us, life is about living, not about getting stuck in the details. That’s right, we’re almost ready to launch and we have lot of new features and secrets to share with you!are with you!

So what’s ITAV trip about? What’s the fuss? What can you do through the app & in general…how does it work?

If you’re still wondering, which I’m sure you do, here’s a short description of the app’s outline & a few of our features…just to give you a first idea!

ITAV’s features span through 4 travel phases: dreaming, planning, traveling & remembering

Travel cycle

Searching your next dream destination? Want to know more about that Japanese restaurant you are craving to try? Or you just want to explore something new or different in your hometown? We make it so easy for you! You can directly search by name or add filters to customise your search and seek places according to your interests. Discover multiple cities and places and get more local insights at the moment.

Discover all the secrets of your next destinations

Fill in some pre-defined parameters and generate an optimised itinerary, based always on your interests and only in a few seconds. Nonetheless, we know that sometimes it’s hard to craft your perfect trip with just a few inputs; that’s why in order to customise your trip even better, you can change anything, simply by using our “edit functionalities”. We recommend you trying to set your route first, and then adjusting your day-by -day itinerary!

Create detailed and bespoke plan in seconds

We bet you’re always super-excited for your trip. You’re almost done with planning and your excitement gets bigger and bigger, so much that you just wanna share it with friends and locals! And that’s something that we’ve clearly predicted! Why not share the itinerary, and the excitement with your co-travelers, friends, and family? This way you can keep your fellow travelers up to date or invite them to help build your itinerary.

Once you’re ready, you can book your ideal trip straight from our app! We redirect you to our worldwide trusted partners so that you can find the best deals and be safe in the knowledge you’re getting a great price with no nasty hidden fees. If you do not feel comfortable booking through your phone (yes, many of us think that way), then do not worry, and simply click on the “book in desktop” option from the menu to receive an email with the links you need. Things always look better on the big screen — right?.

Book your trip

Would you like to know the deepest secrets of any place? Who wouldn’t right?! Check our inside scoop for each place and learn about best time to go, what to order or best picture spot among other useful info and secrets to travel as a local and feel like you belong anywhere.

Our inside scoop is missing or you need further assistance? Ask our Local Heroes and Trusted Travelers on the spot! Our inbox feature allows you to talk with friends, other travelers and locals, simply by searching their name or email. Interesting, no?

Get the best insights from our Local Heroes & Trusted Travelers

This is ITAV’s favorite feature! Well, they say that trips are all about the memories they leave you with. It’s nice remembering all the places you’ve visited and all the things you’ve done, right? That’s why we’ve created my world! Map all the places you’ve been to, those you’ve called home and visualize your trip bucket list while keeping track of “how much world you’ve seen”. You wanna know the places you’ve explored with your best one? Or remember all the places you went to in a certain year? Now it’s way too easy with our filters.

Build your world!

Add your recommendations, tips and rate the existing tips. Your knowledge and experiences help the ITAV community travel like locals, getting the most out of each and every second of their trip. We’re not interested in tourist traps or the TripAdvisor top ten, we’re interested in you, and your experiences. Those hidden gems and local tips, the ones you usually share with family and friends. Help craft other travelers’ experiences.

Because the world belongs to all of us!

Stay tuned, our app is about to be released soon! Build your itinerary, book it through the app and have everything you need in one place.

Your Traveler Enjoyment Team





Free bespoke trips for the modern traveler. All you need in one place. Swiftly planned. Conveniently optimized. Beautifully organized.

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