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Gastronomy tour in Andalusia

If you ever travel to Spain, Andalusia is definitely a region that shouldn’t be missing from your agenda. Rich in culture and tradition, Andalusia offers everything that a demanding tourist wishes for; varied landscapes, cities with strong cultural roots, unique architecture, crystal clear waters and of course an incredible and mouth-watering cuisine! Conquered by Jews, Romans, Christians and Moors, Andalusia’s gastronomy is deliciously marked by their influences and it’s definitely not to be missed while traveling in Spain. And here comes ITAV with a unique Andalusian gastronomy tour, which is about to be presented on this page!

Andalusian food ©

How many times you wished you had someone local to point you at the best hidden spots of a new city and give you the best tips about them? I’m pretty sure some of you once in your lifetime (at least) have been wondering where to go and what to do while trying to explore a new place…It’s known that It Takes A Village (ITAV) to plan a trip properly and to see a new city like locals do. If you’re still following me… here we come with a new revolutionary idea…

By collaborating with multiple local heroes, we’ve managed to gather some valuable information about the hidden delicacies and local dishes offered in Andalusia and where to find them. Ready to find out?…keep reading!

Top Andalusian Delicacies


Gazpacho is most likely one of the best-known dishes in Spain. Its roots are being tracked of course in the region of Andalusia. It is considered to be the perfect summer soup, as it’s very refreshing and it takes very little time to make! It actually consists of a mixture of bread, olive oil, garlic and water — tomatoes and peppers! The best Gazpacho in Andalusia according to our local heroes can be found in Seville, and specifically in the famous restaurant, “Eslava”. Ready to try it?

Gazpacho © Nito (Shutterstock)

Pescaito frito

It’s in fact fried fish- most commonly cod and sole- coated in flour, deep fried in olive oil, and sprinkled lightly with salt. Fried in the “liquid gold” -Andalusian olive oil-, even if it sounds like a simple dish at first, it’s actually impressively delicious! The best pescaito frito can be found at the beautiful city of Cadiz and specifically at the Freiduría Las Flores!

Pescaito frito © Eduardo de Felipe

Fact; it can often be found and served in a paper cone as a street-side snack.


The flamenquín is Cordoba’s most typical dish. According to the Wikipedia, it owes its name, which translates literally to “little Flemish”, to the fact that its golden color, deriving from the egg used in the batter, resembled the blond hair of the Flemish assistants who came to Spain accompanying the Emperor Charles V. It consists of slices of jamón serrano wrapped in pieces of pork loin, coated with egg and breadcrumbs and then deep-fried in once again Andalusian olive oil. It is commonly served with fries and mayonnaise. As mentioned above, the best flamenquines can be found in Cordoba, in the Anticuario, as well as in the Bodega Campos. Don’t miss out on trying it!

Flamenquitas ©


Quite similar to Gazpacho, Salmorejo is definitely a must try dish while in Andalusia and specifically in Cordoba. Like gazpacho, it is served cold, and it is made of tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. Salmorejo however, is heavier on the bread side and it is usually served with slices of Andalusian ham and eggs. The best place to try it according to our local heroes is the Taberna Salinas or the Casa Antonio.

Salmorejo © cocinaabuenashoras


Espetos -or simply translated grilled sardines-, are Malaga’s simplest but at the same time most demanded by tourists local dish. An “espeto” refers to fresh sardines skewered and cooked over a pit of coals. Salt and olive oil are once again the key to success. Simplicity at its best. The best espetos in Malaga are no doubt served along the Paseo Maritimo.

Espetos © Gavilla


If you’re a chocolate addict you will definitely appreciate this one! Tejeringos is a thinner version of churros dipped in thick chocolate. They’re quite typical in Malaga and the best place to try them is at the Casa Aranda. Can you imagine a better dessert while strolling in the city center?


Red Tuna

Barbate at the south of Spain, is said to be the “tuna capital” of Spain. Nature has provided this seaside town with an ingredient that transforms tuna into a memorable dish: salt. The meat of the tuna harvested in Barbate is known as atun rojo (red tuna) due to the deep crimson-colored flesh which is tender and sweet, and definitely mouthwatering. The locals usually eat it raw- tartar- since its texture is being appreciated better while fresh! El Campero in Barbate is a must visit place for a unique tuna-tasting experience!

Red tuna © Janet Mendel


Tapas in Granada or simply “free lunch served on the house” is an experience not to be missed while in Spain. The word “tapas” refers to the custom of eating small and varied portions of delicious local dishes, with an aperitif while in restaurants and bars. All you have to do is order a drink and then the “tapas” are gonna keep coming. La Fragua, and Los Diamantes are two of the most popular places to start your tapa route when in Granada.

Tapas, Granada © Guido Garcia Student

Ready to try them all? Trust our locals and off to the most delicious gastronomy tour!

Download ITAV, build your itinerary, book it through the app and have everything you need in one place.

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