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Which one you wanna be?

How many times you found yourself lost in place while traveling? How many times you’ve been forced to follow your touristic group and go sightseeing with them cause you felt that it would be the easiest way to explore a new place? How many times you found yourself trying to blend in with locals but unsuccessfully?How many times you ended up eating in McDonalds cause you had no idea what the local cuisine would taste like?

And in general, how many times you wished you had someone local to point you at the best hidden spots of a new city and give you the best tips about them?

I’m pretty sure some of you once in your lifetime (at least) have been wondering where to go and what to do while trying to explore a new place…It’s known that It Takes A Village (ITAV) to plan a trip properly and to see a new city like locals do. If you’re still following me… here we come with a new revolutionary idea…

While traveling we all use our mobile phones, right? So what about downloading an app that would simply organise everything for you in a few seconds? Sounds promising, no? Let me first explain what’s ITAV about…

Plan and explore the world as a local!

ITAV is a travel technology startup that provides the easiest and most authentic way to plan and explore the world as a local. To find the most authentic experiences and craft your perfect plan, you shouldn’t have to spend days to crawl the web and sift through information overload. ITAV’s technology optimises your time so you can stop planning and focus on experiencing. With our insider scoop we want you to belong anywhere you go and feel like at home, as if you knew the deepest secrets of every place!

Traveling modes

Let’s now see the two traveling modes that we usually get into while visiting new places… How could ITAV improve your experience? Find out below!

The tourist’s mode

Imagine yourself traveling to Spain… Let’s say you just arrived in Madrid…Yes, Tripadvisor would give you sufficient information and recommendations so that you explore the city with a proper touristic perspective…Museums, sightseeing, main squares and popular restaurants could all be found in your list after a short research online and that’s of course a good thing…You would visit the Reina Sofia museum, you would admire Picasso’s paintings in Prado, you would have an overpriced coffee in Plaza Mayor, you would pay probably a lot to get “a touristic tapas dinner” & you would spend your days doing what the tourists do. If you’re the type of person who loves walking around a new city in a herd of people dressed in matching outfits and led around by a person holding an umbrella, well, there’s no shame in that. But imagine…how different would your experience be if you could see a new place within the eyes of a local?

The local’s mode

Setting aside the fact that you’re not really ever a local if you’re just visiting, you can still do things to blend in and experience the city differently, of course, with some help. Think… what do the locals know?

Locals know which tourist traps to skip.

Locals know what’s open, when and what’s “in”.

Locals know to separate the city’s real highlights from the touristic ones!

Locals know their weather and which season is best to do what.

Locals know the quality AND quantity places.

Locals know to move around in a budget! (important for young travellers!)

Now let’s go back to Madrid and see the city through their eyes..Again, I am challenging you to think…who would tell you about the city’s best bocadillo de calamares (squid sandwich) hidden somewhere behind Plaza Mayor? Who would tell you about the local dish “caracoles con chorizo” (boiled snails with chorizo) hidden in an iconic restaurant in the streets of La Latina? Who would tell you about the happy hour during which all of the museums are open to the public for FREE? Who would recommend you going to the Mercado of Lavapies for a Saturday morning vermouth?

I guess you’d need a local to retrieve such information, right?

And that’s what ITAV does for you! By collaborating with locals, we gain the most valuable information about the city and its hidden cultural gems! With the best advice we guarantee you an once in a lifetime experience where you’ll actually have the chance to visit spots where you find only locals…Does that sound appealing?

Avoid the crowds, avoid the queues, avoid the overpriced restaurants and get off the beaten track!

So…which one you wanna be? The “almost” local traveler or the “lost in the crowds” tourist?

Stay tuned, our app is about to be released soon! Build your itinerary, book it through the app and have everything you need in one place.

Your Traveler Enjoyment Team





Free bespoke trips for the modern traveler. All you need in one place. Swiftly planned. Conveniently optimized. Beautifully organized.

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