Famous: Buzzfeed

Gone are the days where we get our daily dose of news and entertainment from the newspaper, television, or radio. Nowadays, the internet is the source of everything we need from the current news to the most viral video. Advancements in technologies have just made it so much easier to consume content on the fly whenever and wherever we want.

Enter Buzzfeed


Since its launch in 2006, it has made leaps and bounds in a short amount of time to become one of the most recognized news and entertainment companies today. According to Digital Statistics and Gadgets, Buzzfeed garners 200+ million unique visitors per month, with an average of 7 Billion content views per month.

But how does Buzzfeed do it? It sure isn’t the only website to offer news and entertainment, especially on the internet.

Here are my 4 reasons why it Buzzfeed has become one of the leading companies in news and entertainment.

Buzzfeed is SIMPLE and FUN

Buzzfeed sets itself apart by presenting its content in an very easy to read and understand manner. It doesn’t drown readers in text heavy and boring content with hard to use jargons, that’s what newspapers are for. Buzzfeed presents it content in a very simple writing that makes it enjoyable to a greater number of users.

The simplicity of the writing, coupled with very enjoyable GIFs and pictures, make it very enjoyable for anyone using the website.

Sample news


Buzzfeed is not just a website with texts and news for people to read. It is much more than that. Buzzfeed produces so many different types of content, from current news, to recipes, to videos, quirky tests, and many more. They publish so many different content, that it’s hard to classify it into just one category. With the immense diversity of their website, there’s always something for someone in Buzzfeed.



We have come so far in terms of how we consume the content of the internet. We are not just limited to a website that we have to access using a heavy desktop. No, we’re far beyond that. Now, we consume a lot of our media on our smartphones, tablets and laptops; and Buzzfeed capitalized on that.


Buzzfeed has made their content easy to consume whether you’re on your laptop, phone, or desktop. Users can easily access the website if they are on their laptop or desktop, or use the mobile application when they are on their phones or tablets.

Buzzfeed is SOCIAL

One of the greatest factors that has made Buzzfeed a success is that it is social. What I mean by this is that it’s content and the way users interact with the content is not just one way, but both ways.

Buzzfeed offers a lot of content that is tailored to what the users want. They take in comments, reactions, social media posts, etc. about what users want to see and create content based on that. For Buzzfeed it’s not a just a one-way thing where users just consume what they want, but a two-way relationship that makes the user more involved in the contents of Buzzfeed.


Buzzfeed is continually growing to be bigger and bigger. It’s not uncommon to see it present in different social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter. If you still don’t know what makes Buzzfeed what it is, go ahead, give it a try.





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