This User’s Experience with User Experience Class

After finishing the User Experience Design class, I can say that I learned a lot more than I expected. When I first enlisted in the class, I was not sure what the class was really about since it was just suggested by our program director. I knew that it would be helpful for me, especially with me being an information technology entrepreneurship major. However, I did not expect us to be interviewing people, just designing websites. Being a frustrated artist, I was able to appreciate the subject since I knew that despite not having the talent for art, I am still able to contribute to the user experience of a website.

Since user experience does not just comprise of design, it made our group really fit for each and every one of us. Each member had a specific task to focus on, and conveniently each of us were good at the job assigned to us. We have also worked with each other in other projects like Marketing and Thesis, so we knew how each person worked and we knew how to adjust to each other’s working style. This made the project really enjoyable since we were able to work together well and learn new things from the class and from each other.

What surprised me was how the class could be related to a lot of my other classes. Unsurprisingly, it was related to my thesis class where we are supposed to launch a new website or app. There were also some lessons that I have already learned in classes I took in my first in second year. However, UX Design class was also similar to Marketing class which I also took this semester. The market research procedure was similar in both classes, but just about different things. The difference I noticed among the two classes though was that Marketing was more technical, while UX is more open to opinions. Both focus on the user/consumer, but handle their insights in different ways.

User Experience Design class taught me things that I could apply in my daily life. The class made me see how each person had a different view on certain things, which is why it is important to have different people’s opinions about things. While I could easily know what would happen when a certain icon is clicked, others may comprehend it differently and not understand what it is for. While I could easily navigate through a website and know what the right flow is for a certain feature, others can get lost in the way. Through knowing different perspectives, I am able to know how to approach a certain task.

While I mostly enjoyed the project since I was able to gain the insight of other people as well as see their perspective, there were some hardships that I have encountered throughout the project. One would be balancing all of my classes for the semester. Although I was able to accomplish all the tasks for the project, I feel like the research would have been deeper if given more time. Another would be the time-constraint of the whole project. Since we only had one semester to provide a solution to the evaluations problem, it is really hard to be able to get all the information that we want to. For the second iteration of our project, our group really wanted to interview an admin member in order to see their perspective but due to time-constraints and restrictions, we were unable to do so. I feel like it would have been really helpful for our research if we were able to talk to at least one member of the admin who are in charge of the evaluations.

If ever the task of revamping the online evaluations page for professors would be assigned again, I would recommend the next students to see the bigger picture. Instead of focusing on the design of the website, which was our mistake, they should consider thinking about other problems that affect the behavior of the students towards answering evaluations. Through using the data gained from our research, they could further search about these problems and maybe find more problems we have not seen. They should also try to talk to the admin members in charge of the professor evaluations in order to see their point of view and to relay what the students and professors think about it.

Overall, I do not regret taking this class since I can say that I learned a lot from this class. I would recommend other students, especially those who are inclined to design and user research, to take this class because they would surely enjoy it.

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