UX Design Project Reflection

The User Experience Design project this semester was really interesting. I learned a lot while planning and executing the redesign of the professor evaluations online. I felt that my team was composed of the right individuals. I had my blockmates as my groupmates. We really do work well together. We have worked on a lot of projects together so we already understand how each of us works and we are able to adapt easily. One of my groupmates is really design-oriented and she was really able to help us a lot.

I found it really interesting since part of the redesign process is similar to a step we did in our marketing class, that was studying the customers and in this case the users. We also conducted interviews for marketing. We did a UAI study and we looked into our customers’ behaviors. We did the same thing for this class. We interviewed people whom we thought are part of the user base of the online evaluations on aisis. However, I find that the process we took to study the users for this project is more meticulous than that of what we did for marketing. Throughout the redesign process we always had the users in mind. We took into consideration what they felt, what they thought, the triggers, and a lot more. This is the aspect of the redesign process is what I like the most because we really had to get to know our users on a deeper level as compared to marketing. We had to understand how our users think and act. It This is where I saw the big difference. One is user-oriented while the other one is more profit-oriented.

In the process of understanding our users, I learned that as a designer, what makes sense to me may not make sense to my users. I also learned that each user is unique. There are users who give more importance to the appearance, while others give more importance to functionality. I also learned that there are times that it may not be obvious who the users are. For this project, the most obvious users are the students, however it must be kept in mind that the professors and the admin are also users.

I was surprised how this redesign project has similar aspects as that of life. When interacting with people, it’s very important that we make sure that we understand them and that they understand us. This is very similar with wireframes. Wireframes are supposed to be documents that the clients and the team can easily understand. Aside from that, just like this redesign project, it is also important to look at the bigger picture in life. Yes, it is important to give attention to detail, however we must not forget that everything is connected to each other. The same is true with everyday life. We have to be mindful of other people who may or may not be directly affected by our actions, just like in designing.

Taking all the learning and experience I have had from this redesign project I would love to have more time to get to know my target users. I would also do a usability test for the prototype and I would interview more users, most especially those who lie in the extremes of the spectrum of my target. I would also get more people to test the different, and not just 5 people so that I can get a wider array of reactions, comments, and recommendations. I would also try to interview more types of users. For the redesign project in class, we were not able to interview everyone we wanted to due to certain constraints such as time and accessibility. I would also want to try a redesign project that is not solely IT based. I really think that there a lot of things that need to be redesigned in order to adapt to our current needs. But overall, I really learned a lot throughout this redesign process and I am sure that I can apply what I have learned to my other classes as well.

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