Waze, the Ultimate User-driven Navigation Application

by Ana Cruz

Waze is the world’s leading GPS-based navigation application for mobile devices. Its vast array of features have set it apart from many of its competitors.

One main reason why Waze has led the competition is due to the fact that the application continues to be extremely accessible. Its accessibility can foremost be attributed to its cost which remains to be free of charge. Additionally, Waze can be used anywhere in the world. Aside from this, Waze is available and supported by several platforms such as Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows. These reasons have helped Waze be extremely accessible to all users.

Another driving force to Waze’s success is its community and user driven force which gives its users the power to crowdsource and make the application more accurate and updated. For example, Waze’s maps are constantly being improved and updated by the active community of users to ensure enhanced routing. With this being said, users have the ability to send real-time information about nearby police, accidents, road hazards and traffic jams. The users may also help by correcting possible navigation and mapping errors. Although this may sound very taxing and demanding to the user, the user is actually rewarded by points of which when accumulated give the user the ability to customize his avatar and community status.

Lastly, Waze is successful over its closest competition because of its usefulness and value to users. One of the most useful features of Waze is its ability to give the user a calculated recommendation of the most efficient and fastest route to destinations. This too, has become more possible and accurate through crowdsourcing in which users’ devices are used to send information such as speed and location to the Waze database. The application uses community-based traffic and real-time user-submitted updates and in return gives turn-by-turn voice navigation and other location specific alerts. This application has become more and more relevant in the Philippines as the search for alternate routes to traffic jams have been on the rise. In the end, all of these reasons help explain why Waze continues to be the world’s largest and most popular community-based traffic and navigation app!

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