Writing for ITE 121

How this will work

Why online?

1) It saves paper. You would have had to type your paper in a word processing program anyway.

2) We achieve the same purpose of: you submitting your think pieces to your teachers. But, we’d like to think, in a slightly more seamless way.

3) Because it’s important that you get used to having your formal, studied analyses seen in public.

Useful corporate writing isn’t submitted to one “teacher” for grading — they’re documents that are consumed by your business unit heads, investors, employees, teammates, clients.

You have to get used to writing for people to understand you, and not necessarily for one person grading you, although we will be doing that as well.


We hope this teaches you responsibility in a way that private submissions cannot.

Plagiarism is bad when you do it on a paper for your teacher, but we sure hope you guys don’t even try passing off other people’s writing as your own, on a public platform.

Leaders have to communicate themselves clearly, honestly and succinctly. And we see this as a modern means to do just that.

Why Medium?

As a product, it itself represents well-designed experience, strategic product planning, community and conscientious metrics.

Your grades aren’t based on the “likes” you get, or “shares”. Whatever affirmation you get from potential readers — those are yours to enjoy and learn from. We will still be grading your written submissions based on the following parameters*:

Clarity and Sound arguments

Is your argument clearly and efficiently expressed?

Relevant Proof

Are you able to give concrete and logical examples of your point?

Writing and Visual Style

Was the post engaging or interesting?

We will be saving your submissions one hour before our class meets (so, Tuesdays at 5PM) for grading and annotations, which we’ll send directly to you. (Since this is a co-teach session, we’ll be grading exercises separately, and then averaging our assessment).

*Practical exercises (sitemaps, userflows) will be graded with parameters that fit the output (e.g. comprehensiveness of a sitemap).

Hope you guys enjoy and, eventually, find this useful.

- B Tuban and Anj Obias

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