Civic Works Committee- January 10, 2017

Meeting in council chambers at 4pm, with a dinner break at 6:30 pm if required. Livestream will be available once the meeting begins.

Using a mobile device? You should be able to use VLC to view the stream here: mms://

The agenda includes the following:

1. Reports from the Transportation Advisory Committee, the Cycling Advisory Committee and the Rapid Transit Implementation Working Group.

2. A recommendation to approve the implementation of a cycletrack on Queens Avenue and Colborne Street, as set out in the previously approved London Cycling Master Plan.

3. A staff report providing information on the following items related to waste management: the Provincial Waste Free Ontario Act; a review of the current collection zones; merits of a cart-based garbage collection system; upgrades to garbage collection vehicles; garbage tag system for the collection of bulky items.

4. A staff report providing an overview of the major City and development related construction projects for 2017.

5. A staff report providing an update with respect to the ongoing efforts to mitigate lead levels in the driving water of those consumers who have lead pipes. These efforts include the continuing monitoring of water quality and replacement of lead piping.

6. A recommendation to approve a bylaw to extend the term-end date for the Contribution Agreement for the Huron-Elgin-London Project Clean Water.

7. A recommendation to approve a transfer payment agreement from the province with respect to the Kiwanis Park Pathway Connection Project.

8. Other staff reports including: a recommendation to appoint a consulting engineer to conduct an Stormwater Serving Environmental Assessment for the Huron Industrial Area; a recommendation to appoint an engineering consultant to undertake the environmental assessment of the Southdale Road West Corridor; a recommendation to increase the consulting fees available to complete the Huron Street Watermain River Crossing Project; a recommendation to appoint a contractor for the Arva-Huron Pipeline replacement project.



Matters coming before City Council in London, Ontario, Canada. Cover photo by @phrawr.

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