London Transit Commission, 25 June 2017

Meeting to be held in the Main Boardroom at 450 Highbury Avenue N. at 5:00 p.m.

The agenda (links are to PDFs) includes the following:

  1. A report from the Director of Transportation and Planning recommending the Commission approve the outlined 2017 Service Plan — Conventional Transit. The plan includes 20,000 additional service hours to be accommodated within approved budgets.
  2. 5th Report Accessible Public Transit Service Advisory Committee, re the meeting held on December 15, 2016: including several reports approved for review by the Commission.
  3. A letter from Sheryl Rooth, Chair of London Transit Commission, proposing that the Commission convene industry representatives currently not under the LTC service umbrella to discuss the need for possible service expansion.
  4. A report from the Director of Transportation & Planning detailing the results of the Voice of the Customer Fall 2016 Survey. The initiative is part of the customer-focused guiding principles set out in the 2015–2018 Business Plan.
  5. A report from the Director of Transportation and Planning on rapid transit considerations at Western University. It is anticipated the recommendations will be considered by the Board of Governors on January 26, 2017.
  6. A report from the Director of Transportation and Planning detailing the 2016 New Year’s Eve service, in which the Ride the Bus on Us program was implemented for the 32nd consecutive year.
  7. Presentations and delegations from Bonnie Quesnel, Chair of the Accessible Transit Service Advisory Committee, Ryan Gallivan from TransPro, and the Co-Chairs of the Health & Safety Committee.
  8. A status report from the Director of Human Resources on the 2016 and 2017 Occupational Health & Safety Work Programs. The report includes legislative reviews and steps to maintain London Transit’s overall Health and Safety Programs.
  9. A report from the General Manager on the status of Commission Work Programs in 2016. The report recommends the Commission approve, in principle, the direction of the draft for 2017.
  10. An update of ongoing IT projects carried forward into 2017, including Specialized Service Scheduling/Dispatching System Implementation, Smart Card Implementation and an LTC Website Update.
  11. A letter from Cathy Saunders, City Clerk, outlining the Municipal Council’s resolutions during the December 6, 2016 meeting, including: Financial Planning and Policy and Operating Budget Amendments.
  12. A letter from Linda Rowe, Deputy City Clerk, certifying that Municipal Council resolved a revised bylaw on December 19, 2016, to provide free bus transportation to individuals 12 and under.