Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee — March 21, 2016

Meeting in council chambers at 4pm. Livestream will be available once the meeting begins.

Using a mobile device? You should be able to use VLC to view the stream here: mms://

The agenda includes the following items:

  1. A status report on the Music, Entertainment and Culture Districts Studywhich will ultimately recommend by-law and process changes to create the districts in time for 2017 events. The report also includes suggested changes for Country Music Week and the use of that week as a “test event” for perceived barriers and opportunities for cultural districts, as well as a survey for individuals and groups that have held events in London in the past three years, which is open until March 21.
  2. Recommendation to repeal six financial policies, as they are no longer needed for various reasons.
  3. Recommendation to approve a request from Downtown London for $540,000 to support their recruitment initiative, Creating a Vibrant and Competitive Downtown, by utilizing the services of consultants Live Work Learn Play to develop a recruitment strategy. The recommended funding source would be the Economic Development Reserve Fund, and there would be approximately $3.3 million in uncommitted money left in the fund if the request is approved.
  4. The 10th Report of the Governance Working Group recommends that a Draft Council Procedure Bylaw be forwarded to a Public Participation Meeting, and that civic administration be directed to report back on the options to provide councillors an informal, semi-annual forum to suggest improvements to processes and procedures at City Hall.