Daily reading routine using Itemsy

Piotr Grudzien
Feb 18, 2020 · 2 min read

Here’s a daily reading routine I established for myself lately. It was also what got us to start working on Itemsy in the first place. We wanted to:

  • stop using multiple reading lists, notes, keep tens of tabs open
  • always be able to go back to or find new interesting reads
  • when time is right, receive my personal email newsletter

One-click save

You come across an interesting article, website or video. Simply save it for later using Itemsy Chrome or Firefox extension. Add a note to remember why you’re saving it.

Alternatively, add it to your Saved items at itemsy.com or email the link to my@itemsy.com.

Scroll through Picked for you

Feel like discovering something interesting to read? Go back to itemsy.com and check out items Picked for you.

We developed an algorithm that looks at content you like, click on, share or save and suggests what else you might find interesting.

What’s picked for you is based purely on your interests, not on how much advertisers bid on a particular link or how “clickable” it is. Suggestions get better tailored to your taste the more you use Itemsy. Needless to say, no two user’s Picked for you will be anything alike!

Personal newsletter — just for you

Don’t worry about remembering to actually go through the items you’d saved. They will be delivered to your inbox as an email newsletter. You can set it to fit your schedule, for example at 5pm on weekdays.

Start using Itemsy today. It’s free. Register at itemsy.com, download our Chrome or Firefox extension or simply email items to read later to my@itemsy.com


Turn content saved for later into a beautiful personal…

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