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How to add newsletter to your blog

Whenever I come across a blog post I really enjoy, I try and subscribe to be notified of future posts by email. Very often though, blogs lack that feature. I end up forgetting and never going back to them.

This short blog post explains how to add a newsletter to your blog using Itemsy in 3 quick & easy steps.

Step 1/3

Create an Itemsy profile:

Step 2/3

Every time you post on your blog, publish the link on your Itemsy profile

Step 3/3

Share your Itemsy profile for people to subscribe to. They will receive all new posts straight to their inbox.

P.S. In case you need inspiration, that’s one interesting profile set up on Itemsy:




Turn content saved for later into a beautiful personal newsletter. Follow interesting people to read what they read.

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Piotr Grudzien

Piotr Grudzien

Founder & CEO at Itemsy | itemsy.com | piotrgru.com

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