On my previous post Retreats and new beginnings, I talked about the decisions we made at iterar during our last retreat and how we were going to do it. Today I want to tell you what we actually did.

Once again, I can’t start this article without thanking Nuno Coelho Santos for condensing our objectives into a tangible evolution of our logo and website redesign.

iterar’s current logo

Our previous logo depicted some characteristics:

  1. As the name of the company implies iteration (iterar means iterate in Portuguese), the logo symbolizes the “i++” used in recursion when programming;
  2. The red crosses also make the allusion to healthcare;
  3. The intersections aim at connecting every founding member with each other.

These are all valid and core elements of our identity as a company. However, if we’re to disrupt healthcare with its current form, we need to think beyond that and transmit an evolutionary message. We want to break and shift paradigms by bringing the software advancements we recently saw in other disciplines, such as finance, to healthcare.

There’s only one missing element from our vision: “We want to fundamentally change the healthcare industry through software.”

What’s so fundamental in healthcare that brings purpose to our cause? What’s the essential element common to our lives? Life relies on a single code to become perpetual: DNA. That’s why we exist as species and as a company.

Bringing all these elements together, I am excited to present to you our new logo and website redesign.

iterar’s new logo

The distinctive visuals of our logo allow them to be separated and rotated without losing consistency or identity. Therefore, minor changes convey the essence of iterar without jeopardising its image.

Moving forward

Apart from a visual change, we also restructured our current work to focus on longer term objectives. I will talk more about it on our next post but if you’re interested in software, digital health or improving people’s lives through technology get in touch with us at Let’s have coffee sometime soon ☕️

My name is Tiago Alves and you can find me on twitter @alvesjtiago