This is 7…

The new iPhone 7

Apple launched the new “iPhone 7” in September 2016. When Apple started to get pre-orders, the jet black iPhone 7 Plus models were sold out, and they announced that it would be available on latest November.


This year Apple added this brand new black color to its Collection: Jet Black. It’s way different than the original black, Space Grey, because of its mirror-like surface, and glossy finish. Even though its surface is hard just like the other iPhones,unfortunately, it may scratch easily because of its high gloss structure. To avoid those scratches and fingerprints, Apple Specialists suggest you use hard cover cases. Apple also mentioned this issue of Jet Black iPhones on their website.

Dual Cameras??

Between iPhone 7 and iPhone, the most significant difference is the new dual-cameras feature of iPhone 7 Plus. The new iPhone 7 plus has two 12MP cameras: a wide-angle camera and a telephoto camera meaning that it can zoom up to 10X. So, the dual-cameras improve the quality of the photos significantly, especially in zooming.

“Water Resistant”

After the launch of the iPhone 7, there have been some arguments about the “water resistant” feature of iPhone 7. First of all, water resistant and waterproof are two different concepts. iPhone 7 is not waterproof, and Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover water damage. It can only be dropped in one meter of water for approximately thirty minutes. So, this new feature can only protect the iPhone from any splash or spill, but sadly, it can’t do more than that.

Apple improved itself by adding dual-cameras to iPhone 7 Plus. Now, the camera takes notably better photos even in low light. Also, it is spill and splash resistant, meaning that we don’t have to worry while texting to our friends under the rain. Moreover, we don’t have to put our phone under a bowl of rice after an accident anymore.

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