Itheum 101: What is the Data CAT?

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3 min readMay 20, 2022


The Data CAT (Data Collection & Analytics Toolkit) is an important component of the Itheum ecosystem, as it enables our platform to provide real-world value and adoption while generating highly structured and outcome-oriented personal datasets.

Moreover, it provides visual trends and patterns across the data it collects while also using anonymous or semi-anonymous analytics, protecting the data creator.

Today, let’s take a closer look at what the Data CAT is and how it functions within our ecosystem.

Main Components

The Data CAT consists of several components that work in tandem — below is a review of each in more detail:

  • Smart Data Types: Smart Data Types is a revolutionary concept for data collection (native to Itheum) and is the core element of the Data CAT, allowing users to build advanced data collection apps.
  • App Builder: Developers can use interfaces provided by the Data CAT and build highly flexible data collection and analytical experiences. Apps can easily be created through the “no-code” toolkit.
  • Omnichannel Data Collection: To bridge data from Web2 to Web3, Itheum supports a host of data collection channels. Our platform also allows for automated data collection through Discord, Telegram, email, SMS, and messenger while working to support Slack and WhatsApp.
  • Automated Data Collection Scheduler: The built-in Automated Data Collection Scheduler allows for the scheduling of data collection based on a specific timetable. Users can pick which day and time data will be collected and skip certain days.
  • User Portal: Users who participate in Itheum programs can access their own user portal, giving them complete visibility of the data collected.
  • Analytics and Insight Engine: Each data type would have built-in composable analytics modules, allowing users to generate analytics and receive insight into the data collected through apps.
  • Management Portal: Developers building and running Itheum apps will have access to a management portal that would give them specific management features over apps and users enrolled within them.
  • Built-in Video Education System: Developers can create or re-use educational videos that help to familiarize users with the proper methods of data collection and data generation.
  • Rewards For Compliance: All data collection apps on Itheum feature built-in mechanisms to encourage user engagement and compliance. These mechanisms are critical to the system, as higher engagement results in more data.
  • Whitelabel Support: Whitelabeling an Itheum app allows developers to boost adoption. Itheum has enabled full whitelabel support for Itheum apps to support developers.
  • App & Smart Data Marketplace: All smart data types and apps built on Itheum would be available within our marketplace. While most will be free, we will also put a mechanism in place that would enable smart data type and app developers to create licensed solutions.

Real-World Implementations

Our Data CAT has already seen considerable use among multiple programs and applications — more information on this can be found here.

In addition, the Data CAT can be offered to various organizations as a PaaS (Platform as a Service). For example, a wellness company could embed the Data CAT in an app and collect valuable information such as blood pressure, fitness levels, and activity levels. This information can then be used to visualize the trends prevalent in their userbase.

Financial organizations can also use the Data CAT to collect data through surveys and questionnaires, giving them a glimpse into the spending habits of individuals. These are just a snapshot of the plethora of real-world applications that are available.


In summary, the Data CAT allows our platform to enable the creation of highly structured, outcome-oriented, and normalized personal datasets, which can then be bridged from Web2 to Web3.

Thanks to the combined force of our core products, such as the Data DEX, Greenroom Protocol, and Data CAT, Itheum can change the current data collection model and level the playing field, allowing commercial enterprises and the data creators to have a mutually beneficial relationship.




As we enter the web3 and metaverse era; Itheum unlocks data silos and generates new value for your data.