Itheum Powers WonderHero with Gamer Passports

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4 min readMay 24, 2022


We’re pleased to announce that Itheum has entered into a brand new strategic partnership, this time with the highly popular P2E (Play-to-Earn) mobile game WonderHero. Together, we will partner and collaborate to bring Itheum’s flagship Gamer Passport technology to the WonderHero gaming ecosystem, empowering gamers to truly own and trade their Web3 gaming data for the first time in history.

The Gamer Passports are built on top of Itheum’s NFMe ID data-backed avatar technology and provide distinctive new value to WonderHero gamers, guilds, and the game platform itself, as they seek to unlock valuable gamer insights that have previously been inaccessible.

With this new step, both teams will be focusing on mutual growth as we forge to create new paths together, aimed at revamping P2E gaming by unlocking data-driven value directly from gamers.

Partnership Details

WonderHero has deployed a unique model with its own in-game NFT items, marketplace, and riveting gameplay. They provide a unique on-chain data-driven approach to P2E gaming and community/guild/player management, while Itheum provides specific tech features that can complement this data-driven approach.

Once the Gamer Passport technology has been implemented, gamers will be able to mint and claim an NFMe ID Avatar (a soulbound NFT that’s linked to their identity) which will exist in their cryptocurrency wallets as their unique Gamer Passport. Gamers will now be able to claim and own their on-chain and off-chain player data as they move between guilds and the broader Web3 gaming ecosystem, carrying with them their Gamer Passport which doubles as a Gamer CV.

This data control dynamic will enable additional earning opportunities for gamers as they trade their data with entities within the gaming ecosystem who want to learn more about their gaming history. Gamers who own Gamer Passports and are attached to this ecosystem will also tend to be more engaged, community-oriented, and loyal as they get to participate in the valuable game data economy.

This direct-from-gamer data sourcing approach also unlocks valuable data insights for gaming guilds and the game platform itself, with use-cases such as the following becoming possible:

  • Discovering the strengths and weaknesses of “gamer liquidity” (gamers attached to a specific gaming guild or game platform)
  • Finding the most engaged, best performing, fastest learning/earning gamers
  • Target gamer segments to test beta patches for the game
  • Target performance-based asset assignments
  • Ensure the unique identity of gamers (anti-smurfing) to ensure fair earning opportunities for all gamers
  • Find the most loyal, engaged, and supportive guild community members

To sum it up, gamers can earn further from their skills, as they can take ownership of their gaming data and trade it using Itheum’s peer-to-peer technology. Moreover, if you’re a WonderHero gamer seeking to further your skills or a guild aiming to attract the best gamers, you can discover and access high-value data and insights via primary and secondary data markets.

We’re very excited about this partnership and look forward to working with the amazing WonderHero team. This collaboration is just the tip of the iceberg, as we’ll be collaborating closely together moving forward to continue to allow our ecosystems to blossom.

About WonderHero

Launched in January 2022, WonderHero is a blockchain NFT (non-fungible token) P2E mobile RPG for iOS and Android with exciting turn-based tactical battles. It is an anime-inspired game where gamers collect Heroes, Weapons, and equipment to enter RPG combat and P2E tokens in a fantasy world.

This (P2E) game came onto the gaming scene with serious backers behind it, as it was incubated and backed by Polkastarter and Morningstar Ventures as their strategic investors.

Visit their socials to learn more:

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