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The Itheum Newsletter #2

Recently in the Itheum Universe


Elrond X-Day Conference in Paris!

Itheum was priviledged to be a core part of the first MultiversX conference at the X Day event in the heart of Paris — Palais Brongniart the historical stock exchange. The team hosted a booth for the event, and our founder, Mark Paul, took to the stage to announce revolutionary updates on how Itheum is empowering data ownership to the world. The team has been working tirelessly to share these exciting updates with the community, and now the news is out, we will be marching forward to progress further. The pieces of the puzzle are all coming together, and our vision of being the “Data platform of the Metaverse” aligns well with the new vision for MultiversX to be the blockchain platform for the Metaverse.

Click learn more below to find out what we announced at X Day, and look out for exclusive and in-depth updates on each development coming soon.

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Meet the team!

A number of core members from the Itheum Marketing, Operations, Business Development and Community were present at the event to man our booth. We were thrilled with the interest and participation from the community with a constant stream of questions, suggestions and opportunities where Itheum could empower ownership of data for generations to come.

The Itheum Sponsored Tesla Racing at the Eco Grand Prix in Meppen, Germany!

Itheum is proud to be a sponsor for the THOR team as they continue to be a part of the Eco Grand Prix all over Europe. Stay tuned for some exciting news on what Itheum will be doing with the interesting and detailed data captured by the cars during the races.



We launched a strategic partnership with the robust and first decentralized exchange following the stable-swap model on the Elrond blockchain, AshSwap

Together we will introduce our exclusive Defi Passport, intending to empower users to own and trade their financial data within the Web 3 and Metaverse ecosystems.

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Elrond Gaming Guild

We’re delighted to announce our newest partnership with Elrond Gaming Guild ( , which will join our network of guild partners. They will aim to adopt our exclusive Gamer Passport (powered by NFMe ID Data Avatar Technology), which sets out to enable players across the globe to own and trade their game-play data. is the first gaming guild to launch on the Elrond blockchain, and we are very excited to embark on this journey together.

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The Launch of the Bounty Program Version 2

We’re thrilled to announce the beginning of Version 2 of our Bounty Program, driving ahead with our mission to empower 8 billion people worldwide to truly own and trade their data as it becomes progressively more valuable.

The Bounty Program is an all-inclusive community-driven growth strategy where both Itheum and the creator benefit together. The Itheum team will set out tasks in which passionate and interested community members can showcase their intelligence, creativity, and overall knowledge of Itheum and receive “Bounties” for their work.

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Fun and Learning Quizzes on our Discord

  • Community Meetups in Paris
  • Weekly Quizzes
  • Open Mic sessions
  • Holorides Cloudbreakers NFT Whitelist Giveaway

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Technology Update

Data DEX:

New version to improve Speed, Security, and Stability in the community testing phase. Deployment is aimed for next week.

Data NFT Technology:

Final NFT Minting and Marketplace smart contracts nearing completion. In private internal testing in prep for security audits.

NFT Genesis Launch:

Whitelist, Pre-Mint, and Reveal Timelines finalized. NFT designs are in progress, and smart contract development is underway.


Itheum is always on the lookout for talented individuals, both technical and non-technical, to build and spread the vision of data ownership to every human on earth.

Interested in joining the team and have a passion for data ownership? Click on Learn more and head to our Careers form to submit your application. We also highly encourage you to participate in our successful Bounty Program, as many of our existing team members demonstrated their skills and abilities via participation before joining our team.

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