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2022 has undoubtedly been an exciting experience and journey for the Itheum project, team, and community this year as we officially launched and established our presence on the Elrond/MultiversX Blockchain. We can’t wait to progress further on our complex expedition toward data ownership for you all in 2023 as we fuel this journey with amazing tech and innovation. On behalf of everyone at Itheum, we thank you for your continued support, engagement, ideas, and commitment to our mission. It’s been fascinating and beautiful to see the world embrace our vision for a fair, decentralized society in which you will have the power to own your personal data and reap the benefits of doing so. Stay tuned for a monumental year coming up. Let’s keep marching forward together.

Let’s take a look back at some key moments and events from 2022:

Itheum Closes $1.5 Million Seed Round Funded by Morningstar Ventures Jan 11, 2022

We began this journey by officially securing $1.5 million in funding from Morningstar Ventures during our investor seed round. This marked a huge milestone to enable us to continue to deploy and build our technology and products to transcend peer-to-peer decentralized data trading, bringing new opportunities to the masses.

Itheum received this funding as part of a $15 million Elrond Dubai Incubator initiative launched by Morningstar Ventures in October 2021. Our team was delighted to note that we were the first project chosen from a pool of over hundreds of candidates, ultimately kick-starting our voyage into the MultiversX diverse ecosystem.

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The ITHEUM Token Launch April 25 2022

Our Token Generation Event (TGE) and Initial DEX offering (IDO) took place on the MultiversX’ Maiar launchpad on March 28, 2022; which marked a significant breakthrough for our project with our ITHEUM utility token being launched with overwhelming public demand and interest. Six years of hard work and perseverance led to this historic event, with the ITHEUM utility token since becoming available on the Maiar DEX, MEXC Global and being supported by Maiar Wallet, Trust Wallet, Coin98 and with many other key announcements coming up very soon.

The ITHEUM token listing on Elrond Maiar DEX (now MultiversX xExchange) allows users to access the token and engage in rewards-based activities for participation in the broader MultiversX ecosystem. The MultiversX blockchain’s high speed and scalability provide more opportunities for those looking to utilize the ITHEUM token within the ecosystem whilst also benefiting from extremely low transaction fees. Elrond is one of the most reliable, secure, and feature-rich LIVE PoS blockchains, operating at an internet scale.

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MultiversX Metastaking for ITHEUM Token May 10 2022

Metastaking is the first DeFi creation that brings the power of liquidity providing, staking, and yield farming into one product. The novel liquidity providing incentives offered by Metastaking will enhance the ITHEUM token’s utility and attractiveness for long-term holding. This in turn also increases the security and stability of the Itheum protocol as long term token holders “bond” their support for the protocol’s stable operation instead of merely speculating on price movements via day trading; making the utility token and the protocol volatile.

With a combination of token staking, liquidity providing, and yield farming, MultiversX Metastaking incentivizes LPs (Liquidity Providers) to simultaneously earn three types of rewards.These exciting features and benefits are only made possible through the technology behind MultiversX’ blockchain architecture.

An EGLD/ITHEUM LP can simultaneously earn the following three types of rewards:

  • LP fees from the liquidity pool
  • Regular farming rewards
  • ITHEUM token rewards from the ITHEUM Metastaking pool

The addition of bonus rewards generation through Metastaking will further incentivize users to add liquidity, again benefiting the long-term health of the ITHEUM token.

To begin metastaking, go to the Maiar Exchange page:

Itheum’s market data on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap May 25 2022

The market data for the ITHEUM token became available on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, two of the world’s largest and most trusted cryptocurrency data aggregators. All information on our token is accurate and displayed in real-time.

Available Information on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

The CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap user interface provides users with a comprehensive overview of the ITHEUM token’s data, including the token’s current price and daily percentage change, 24-hour price range, circulating supply, market capitalization, trading volumes, trading markets, market sentiment, current price, and more.

1. ITHEUM Token Price Today

2. Highest and Lowest ITHEUM Prices

3. Trading Volume

4. ITHEUM Markets for Trading

ITHEUM Token Insights available on TradingView ECompass, Arda & TradingView May 2022

The market insights and analytics for the ITHEUM token were integrated into the highly popular MultiversX platforms Compass and Arda. This was complemented with the integration of the ITHEUM token’s analytics, insights and charting into TradingView — a platform with over 30 Million users worldwide.

ITHEUM Token Listing on MEXC Global May 30 2022

The ITHEUM token listed on the MEXC Global exchange and became available for trading on May 31, 2022, at 12 pm UTC. This event marked the first CEX (centralized exchange) listing for our native utility token, broadening its reach and tapping into MEXC’s massive ecosystem and user base.

Users can now trade the token through the following trading pair:

Thanks to MEXC Global’s user-friendly interface, those interested in trading ITHEUM can have a seamless and smooth experience. On the MEXC Global wallet, ITHEUM will be available as a token available on the MultiversX blockchain.

The ITHEUM token is now supported by two of the largest Crypto Wallets June 2022

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet, the official Binance mobile crypto wallet, began support for the ITHEUM token on June 2nd, opening the door for 25 million new users to join our ever-growing ecosystem.

Trust Wallet is a non-custodial, multi-chain mobile cryptocurrency wallet founded in 2017. It’s become increasingly popular and enables the masses to securely purchase and store their crypto. Additionally, it has a wide range of functionality and allows users to access a large selection of blockchains, dApps, and digital assets.

Coin98 Wallet

Coin98 Wallet, the official Coin98 Super App crypto wallet, began supporting the ITHEUM token on June 21st, again opening the door for 2 Million plus new users to join our evolving ecosystem.

The Wallet is an outstanding feature of the Coin98 Super App. The Coin98 Wallet is a non-custodial multi-chain NFT, crypto wallet, and Defi gateway. It’s currently one of the most popular and growing digital wallets, trusted by hundreds of thousands of users across the globe.


WonderHero May 24 2022

Shortly after the token launch, Itheum announced its first partnership with the highly popular P2E (Play-to-Earn) mobile game WonderHero to bring our flagship Gamer Passport technology to the WonderHero gaming ecosystem. This marked the beginning of our journey to empower gamers worldwide to truly own and trade their Web3 gaming data for the first time in history.

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Polkastarter Gaming Guild (PGG) June 16 2022

Our next partnership was with the innovative Polkastarter Gaming Guild (PGG), which became the first project to be onboarded to empower player data ownership through gaming guilds.

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ZoidPay July 7 2022

We unveiled the “Retail Passport” to the world with our strategic partnership with the revolutionary pioneer in payment solutions, ZoidPay.

The goal is to bring Itheum’s NFMe ID Avatar into ZoidPay’s innovative HyperMall, empowering users to shop freely in the metaverse using their personal data preferences. ZoidPay will aim to adopt our exclusive Retail Passport powered by the NFMe ID Data Technology, empowering users to own and operate their data to enhance their shopping experience.

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Elrond Apes July 20 2022

Our next exciting partnership came to life with the leading NFT project in the MultiversX ecosystem, Elrond Apes. Elrond Apes became the first NFT project to be onboarded to empower data ownership through NFTs. Thus, NFT holders, community members, gamers, and so on will earn from leveraging their personal data. Our passport technology will provide exceptional new value to NFT projects like Elrond Apes as they look to unlock valuable insights into their community’s overall engagement and participation which was previously inaccessible.

In the first phase, Elrond Apes have integrated Itheum’s Discord exclusive “Social MVP Adaptor” into their server, which will serve one essential purpose:

  1. To capture data and track the Social performance of Elrond Apes NFT Holders within their Discord Server, also known as “Social Score.”

Therefore, these off-chain data sets will be able to demonstrate their community engagement, sentiment, productivity, and more. This measurement of community involvement is becoming progressively crucial for projects like Elrond Apes, with their community growing exponentially, again highlighting the importance of community for the success and longevity of projects in the space.

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SanoPass August 16 2022

Itheum announced a revolutionary partnership with SanoPass, one of the leading healthcare providers in Europe (with over 50,000 subscribers to their healthcare subscription service) and a web3 project that is also part of the MultiversX Ecosystem. They became the first project to onboard our Health Metaverse Passport and allow its users to truly own and trade their Health Data in the Metaverse.

This was a giant step forward for Itheum as we began our journey within the healthcare industry, intending to completely transform the broken and old system we are so used to in today’s world. We are delighted to welcome the world to the idea of a much improved, fairer, and safer healthcare system, where all will reap the benefits.

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Sense4Fit October 10 2022

Itheum expanded its technology and reach further into the health industry by partnering with one of the most innovative and growing lifestyle apps in the Web3 space, Sense4FIT.

Through this groundbreaking partnership, Sense4FIT looks to adopt our flagship Metaverse Healthcare Passport, thus opening up infinite possibilities for their users and community to earn further from “being healthy” by owning and trading their health data.

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AshSwap October 25 2022

We launched a strategic partnership with the robust and first decentralized exchange following the stable-swap model on the MultiversX blockchain, AshSwap

Together we introduced our exclusive DeFi Passport, intending to empower users to own and trade their financial data within the Web 3 and Metaverse ecosystems.

Learn more November 30 2022

We were delighted to announce our final partnership of the year with, which joined our network of guild partners. They will aim to adopt our exclusive Gamer Passport (powered by NFMe ID Data Avatar Technology), which sets out to enable players across the globe to own and trade their game-play data. is the first gaming guild to launch on the MultiversX blockchain, and we are very excited to embark on this journey together.

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Key Moments:

Mainnet Release: Data DEX & The Claims Portal September 29 2022

We proudly announced that the Claims Portal, one of the key components of our Data DEX, went live on the MultiversX Mainnet. This was a significant breakthrough for Itheum as a project and marked the successful beginning of our technology roadmap.

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Launch of “Gamer Passport Alpha” program : 100 Gamers who will Own and Trade their Data August 2022

We were pleased to announce the beginning of our Gamer Passport Alpha Program. We gave 100 gamers a chance to be among the first users to receive their own Gamer Passport by completing a series of tasks within our discord, Web 3 games & community channels.

Itheum’s Gamer Passport aims to transform this Web 3 .0 gaming world by empowering gamers to truly control and own their gaming data. For the first time in history, Itheum is allowing your gaming data to become a highly tradable asset class.

Itheum enters the Electric Vehicle racing world June-Present

Itheum entered the electric vehicle world back in June by sponsoring an Eco GP Tesla race team, a team which has since raced at events worldwide, from Romania to Germany to Spain and beyond. The team was victorious at many Eco Grand Prix, which are typically 24-hour car races for electric cars. Race teams compete at different locations to see which strategy will be victorious and most efficient.

Why Itheum set foot in the electric vehicle industry

As we know, data is quickly becoming one of the most valuable resources in the world and is not limited to just one vertical. Data in every industry is extremely valuable and important, and the electric vehicle and motor industry is no exception.In order to extract the data from the event, the team granted permission via a key from the Tesla API to TeslaFI. This meant real-time parameters from the car could be shown. The data produced was very valuable and opened up many possibilities for Itheum to explore.

In the near future, we could see data from these races and the electric vehicle industry being transferred into highly valuable assets, like Itheum’s Data NFTs; a key Itheum product set to launch in the MultiversX mainnet in Q1 2023.. The potential is groundbreaking, and we look to unlock countless use-cases for data ownership for this industry which was previously locked and inaccessible.

The Rumble in the Data Jungle Event June 30 2022

The time arose for our community to battle-test our technology!

Itheum’s Rumble in the Data Jungle program is an incentivized Data DEX testing event. Web3 supporters, DeFi experts, entrepreneurs, crypto specialists, and eager participants joined and were rewarded with a place on Itheum’s whitelist for future product rollouts.

This is the most powerful, inclusive, and sophisticated way to validate pragmatically that the Data DEX is ready for the world to use.

Community members from across the world joined and began their journey as Alpha cubs, testing the Claims Portal features within the Data DEX. Many performed the testing with exceptional results and input and thus were promoted to Alpha OGs, gaining exclusive rewards, insights, and opportunities within our community for the coming year.

The launch of the “Road to Data Ownership” Bounty Program August 9 2022

We announced the launch of our Bounty Program, The Road to Data Ownership, and orchestrated a smooth system where interested parties can work with us to educate the world (through articles, research, videos, design, etc.) and earn rewards and recognition for their efforts.

Upon completion of our first Bounty program, we received an incredible response and an overwhelming number of applicants. Moreover, the content produced by our participants was truly remarkable and the detail and efforts made were nothing short of impressive.

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The Launch of the Bounty Program Version 2 Dec 2022

We’re thrilled to recently announce the beginning of Version 2 of our Bounty Program, driving ahead with our mission to empower 8 billion people worldwide to truly own and trade their data as it becomes progressively more valuable.

As stated above, the Bounty Program is an all-inclusive community-driven growth strategy where both Itheum and the creator benefit together.

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Collaboration with KPMG September 2022

Our Founder, Mark Paul, featured in KPMG’s “Voices on 2030” campaign, “In 2030, the world operates on a decentralized net powered by blockchain technology”. Itheum is pushing for true decentralization through our decentralized data brokerage technology and blockchain-powered tools.

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The Itheum Newsletter December 2022

Itheum was delighted to launch the “Itheum Newsletter,” providing our audience with monthly updates, news, and developments within our ecosystem.


Western Sydney University June 2022

Mark Paul, our founder, and CEO, spoke at Australia’s Western Sydney University’s annual academic forum, presenting the topic of Web3 and its potential to unlock data for social good.

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The Digital Health Festival June 2022

Mark Paul attended and presented at the Digital Health Festival in Melbourne, Australia. This festival is Australia’s largest digital health transformation event, bringing together the entire health ecosystem, including hospitals, primary & allied care, aged care, pharmacy, research, and policy. Mark discussed the future of digital health and how data and Web3 will impact the future of the health industry.

He stated:

“The healthcare industry has almost all of its data locked in data silos… Itheum’s web3 data tech stack aims to unlock this data and unleash it for much-needed research into proactive healthcare.”

The X Day Conference in Paris November 2022

Itheum was privileged to be a core part of the first MultiversX conference at the X Day event in the heart of Paris — Palais Brongniart the historical stock exchange. The team hosted a booth for the event, and our founder, Mark Paul, took to the stage to announce revolutionary updates on how Itheum is empowering data ownership to the world.

A number of core members from our international team came together to showcase Itheum’s mission for the first time. The Marketing, Technology, Operations, Business Development and Community team were present at the event to man our booth. We were thrilled with the interest and participation from the community with a constant stream of questions, suggestions and opportunities where Itheum could empower ownership of data for generations to come.

ITB Asia

Our Co-Founder and COO, Praveen Paul attended ITB Asia and presented the opportunity for Web3 data technology in the hospitality and travel verticals.

Community and Social Media Growth

Community is the most essential component for the success of any project in Web3, and we pride ourselves on our wonderful community, which is at the heart of all we do here at Itheum. Within such a short period, we have grown our social presence dramatically, with over 100,000 community members across various platforms. We strive for complete transparency and keep our community updated 24/7. We strongly believe in education and provide extensive weekly educational content to unravel and help our audience digest, understand and break down all the complexities surrounding the data industry and our diverse tech stack.

Looking ahead into 2023

Data NFTs Technology will be live on the Elrond Mainnet

We are thrilled to introduce a unique way of data licensing in the Web3 era powered by NFT technology, coming in early 2023. Data NFTs enable Data to be autonomously traded between humans and machines or machines and machines.

Your individual data or data from your machines (e.g. your Tesla car or smart watch) is highly unique and precious. Itheum will enable you to package and mint your valuable data as NFTs. Packaging and trading your data as NFTs have the following benefits:

  • Limit the distribution of your datasets to a smaller amount or mint multiple copies of the same dataset if you want to increase the reach of your data.
  • You can choose to earn royalties if your data is re-traded. You can limit the distribution of your data but should a buyer re-trade your data NFT, you have the option to earn a % reward as a royalty.
  • Once data is packaged and tokenized as an NFT and being available within the Itheum Data NFT marketplace, we are also looking at interoperability with other regular NFT marketplaces like XoXNo. This significantly increases the trading power of your data as the audience for your data increases.
  • Your unique data will be minted with an aesthetic “generative art wrapper” created using the unique signature of the data. E.g., your DNA data can be represented as a piece of unique art.

The Itheum NFT collection is coming

We are delighted to announce that our first NFT drop, The NFMe Genesis, is coming to a marketplace near you in 2023. This extraordinary collection will come with never-before-seen utilities, exclusive for early adopters and community members. The NFTs will be the ancestors of our soulbound NFMe Avatar ID and, unlike the NFMe ID itself, will be tradable in NFT marketplaces.

About Itheum

Itheum empowers data ownership in the Web3 and Metaverse ecosystems and creates new market value for your data. It enables this by providing “decentralized data brokerage” technology. It’s a suite of tools that enables high-value data to be bridged from web2 to web3 and then be traded via peer-to-peer sales. It allows for “viral adoption” via our creative “Data NFTs” (provide “inner value” to NFTs and enable royalties / limited supply) and “NFMe ID” technology (a living Metaverse avatar representation of you — wrapped as an NFT and backed by personal data) and our innovative Data Coalition DAOs (which bulk trades your data). It also aims to be fully privacy-preserving, regulation-friendly, and cross-chain, making it the most comprehensive core blockchain data infrastructure available in the market with use-cases in both the enterprise and retail space.

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