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The Itheum Newsletter #1

The Claims Portal went Live on the Elrond Mainnet

We are proud to announce that the Claims Portal, one of the key components of our Data DEX, is now live on the Elrond Mainnet

Months and months of innovation and testing have led to this moment. Your patience, engagement, and overall support during this time have been overwhelming, and we truly appreciate this

This is only the beginning as we look to continue breaking down the barriers to enable data ownership for 8 billion people worldwide.

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Itheum launched its first Bounty Program : “The Road to Data Ownership”

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Bounty Program, The Road to Data Ownership. We are orchestrating a smooth system where interested parties can work with us with to educate the world (through articles, research, videos, design, etc.), and earn rewards and recognition for their efforts.

All communities are welcome to join the program. We are thrilled to be able to provide additional opportunities for individuals worldwide, and this is only the beginning.

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Partnership with one of Europes largest preventative healthcare providers, SanoPass

Itheum is thrilled to share its partnership with SanoPass, one of the leading healthcare providers in Europe and also part of the Elrond Ecosystem. They will be the first project to onboard our Health Metaverse Passport and allow its users to truly own and trade their Health Data in the Metaverse.

This is a giant step forward for Itheum as we begin our journey within the healthcare industry, intending to completely transform the broken and old system we are so used to in today’s world. We are delighted to welcome the world to the idea of a much improved, fairer, and safer healthcare system, where all will reap the benefits.

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Itheum X KPMG

Our Founder, Mark Paul, featured in KPMG’s “Voices on 2030” campaign, “In 2030, the world operates on a decentralized net powered by blockchain technology”. Itheum is pushing for true decentralization through our decentralized data brokerage technology and blockchain-powered tools.

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