The Itheum Newsletter #3

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Recently in the Itheum Universe

Data NFTs went Live on Devnet 🚀

We were thrilled to officially announce that Data NFT Technology went live on the MultiversX Devnet.

What are Data NFTs?

Data NFTs are a crucial component of Itheum’s diverse tech stack and will play a tremendous role in the future of data ownership in the ever-evolving decentralized society. As the name suggests, Data NFTs are unique and one-of-a-kind datasets wrapped into a non-fungible token to allow seamless validation and exchange. Any dataset can be unique, mainly because everyone’s data is different, where owners uniquely experience various effects and influences.

Wrapping data into NFT involves converting a data file into an abstract image using an algorithm, ensuring uniqueness based on the file’s metadata.

Rumble in the Data NFT Campaign 🌴

Following our Data NFT Technology going live on devnet, we launched the Rumble in the Data NFT Jungle.

The Rumble in the Data NFT Jungle is a global community-driven testing and development event for Itheum’s Data NFT technology. Participants will have the chance to influence the technology’s development, get rewards, enter into a sweepstake to win prizes, and receive limited edition OAT NFT tokens. Testing will include Data NFT Minting and Data NFT Wallet testing.

This is the most powerful, inclusive, and sophisticated way to validate pragmatically that our technology is ready for the world to use. Our advanced Data NFT technology is set to revolutionize the industry by providing users with a simple and seamless way to own and transfer their data as a precious and rare asset.

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Join our Community on Crew3 🌎

We are delighted to launch a new home for our community on the innovative and powerful community-building platform, Crew3. Through Crew3, we look to understand better, activate and grow our global Web 3 community.

Community members will have the opportunity to complete quests and earn XP while significantly contributing to Itheum’s mission to educate and empower the world to own and trade their personal data.

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Various pieces of content published from our Bounty Program🎨

Since launching “The Road to Data Ownership” Bounty Program, we have seen some incredible pieces of written, video, and graphic content produced by talented global creators.

It’s a privilege to see individuals working with us through high-level content, spreading our message further to those who need to know the importance of owning their valuable data.

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Technology Update 💻

Data NFT Technology:

  • Data NFT-FT Minting Smart Contract passes “Community Testing” round
  • Data NFT Marketplace Smart Contract dev complete. “Private Testing” begins
  • Security Audits to begin shortly to prepare for mainnet release

Data DEX Updates:

  • A new homepage design is finalized. Introduces a “no-login” view for people to explore the Data DEX before connecting their wallet.

Upcoming Events 🗓️

➡️ Wednesday 1st January: CrytoRand AMA in their discord

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➡️ Thursday 9th February: TwitterSpaces hosted on Itheum’s Twitter

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