Coffee Journey

Every story has its own start. My story started from a coffeeholic who loves to drink coffee in a relaxing weekend afternoon. He rode his scooter with a low speed. He entered this dead end lane without purposes. He suddenly figured out that there are about four coffee shops in this narrow lane. He chose a coffee shop that seemed not many customer inside to start his own coffee journey.


He chose to enter a coffee shop called ‘FIKARAST’. In the beginning, he sat at a seat nearby the window because the seat was equipped with sockets under the table. But I changed to the seat which was in front of the counter, it made him easier to see the coffee maker making his own cup of coffee. Furthermore, he ordered a plain cheese toast pizza as a snack. There was a special point that he didn’t notice that this restaurant was a vegan restaurant so that they sold non meat food. By the way, they also sold pieces of pumpkin pie and chocolate banana muffin. He really enjoyed the food there.

Kinfolk cafe

Another sunny afternoon, he rode his scooter to the same area. He wanted to try another coffee shop which is called ‘kinfolk’. When he entered the coffee shop, he was told by shop keepers that he had only four hours to stay in the shop. He ordered a cup of Yirgacheffe and a piece of lemon cheese cake. Then, he started to wander in the shop and took some photos of shelves and pictures on the wall. He really loved the atmosphere and food there.

Kinfolk cafe

The last stop of his journey is ‘Direct coffee’ shop where only provided black coffee. He walked into the shop while the coffee maker was serving a customer with a small cup of coffee to help the customer choose coffee seeds to buy. He sat down and ordered ‘Panama’ coffee. The taste of this coffee was really special because you could taste a strong smell of ferment after you drink some. That taste brought him back to his childhood because that reminded him that there was a kind of candies made by yeast. He really loved that cup of coffee. He walked out of the shop and it seemed to be six o’clock and it was time for him to go home.

Direct Coffee Shop
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