Exhauting travel

my route map

I decided the crazy plan that was riding my scooter from Hsinchu to Taitung, in Taiwan. The distance is about 400km. I expected that it could take me 12 hours to ride to Taitung.

Read to go!!!!

At 4:30 in the morning, I was ready to go. I put my phone on left handle and put dashboard camera on right handle. It can help me finish this travel successfully and record the whole journey.

When I arrived in second oil station.

I had a big problem. I set every oil station as my resting stop and filled up my scooter tank. I think that was a perfect plan. However, when I arrived at the first oil station at 6:00, that hadn’t opened yet. Shit happened! I had just remained 40% oil to run smoothly, so it mean I only could run about 50 km. The second oil station was about 70 km far away from the first oil station. I did’t have enough time to wait until the oil station opened, so I decided to go the second oil station. As long as I had enough oil to go there.

still not open.

I ran out of oil and successfully arrived at the second oil station. I was afraid if oil was exhausted, how should I do. Fortunately, nothing was broken down on my way. As you can see in the picture, it mentions the gas station still didn’t open…. Luckily, it would be open after 10 minutes, and I could wait for it.

This picture was taken in 南山 tribe. The scenery was charming along the way. The next destination was 梨山, as you can see in the picture, I had to go through rugged mountain road about 45 km. However, I didn’t fell tired because I was really addicted to the scenery.

This picture was taken by me when I was on the way to 梨山. This tribe is called 環山部落 , which is at an altitude of about 2500 metres. It was incredible that how did they live there. I have never imagined that we had gorgeous scenery in Taiwan.

A traffic accident happened on the mountain road. The car’s tire and window was broken, and driving mirror was dropped down. Nobody wanted to have this problem on the mountain, because there is no garage in the mountain.

How dirty of my scooter

Because it is road usually full of rocks on this road, the constructor set the control station, and told me that I should wait for an hour.

It was my first lunch at that day. The store named 公正包子( steamed buns) was famous in Hualien. I ordered 6 buns and a cup of tea, and standing on the roadside to eat. Then, I kept going to my destination.

Finally, I arrived at Bed and Breakfast. I spent 12 hours riding my scooter from Hsinchu to Taitung, and that was my expectation. I was happy that I finished this incredible plan smoothly. Thanks my parents for supporting me doing this.

When I came back home, my mom gave me a present that was a speeding ticket. I was surprised, because the police cared about my journey and took this picture for me. This was a special memory that I couldn’t forget. If you ask me that whether you want to try again or not? I will exactly say no!

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