I Want My Phone Back

A man, standing under the blazing sunshine was gazing somewhere as if looking for something. He was on the Mr. Brown Avenue, which was the most popular viewpoint in Taitung. Generally, the place was full of tourist, but today, there was no one.

The man stopped looking and wiped his face by his elbow.

“Two years. It has been for two years.” He whispered to himself.

Suddenly, He saw a little shinning piece of reflection in that huge green farmland. That little piece was just like an action signal. He took off his boots immediately and ran into the mud, hope to find out what made the little shinning piece. Finally, when He found out where the source was, he noticed that it was just only a piece of fragment from a glass bottle. Feeling despair and deceived, the man started to cry.

“Cursed me! It that what you want?” He shouted, but no one can hear.

He could still remember, about two years ago, a car accident took his wife’s life right here, the Mr. Brown Avenue. Since then, he lived in guilt and a huge sorrow. If he hadn’t used iPhone 4s while he was driving, his wife may have survived. Now he was back, begged for forgiving, but he would never get this chance. Just like his iPhone, crashing into dust and gone with the wind.