Life in Grand Canyon

The photo was taken in Grand Canyon National Park when I was a Work & Travel student in the United States last year. I worked as a cashier in a restaurant. Sometimes, I was also a kitchen helper to help the chef deal with some dishes like pizza, sandwiches, pasta, and so on. When I had a day-off, I always went hiking with my friends and enjoyed the spectacular scenery on the park trails. I made lots of friends from different countries. We always had a good time during a perfect meal or a leisurely afternoon break.

One day, my friend told me that my Taiwanese college was injured while she was hiking. She was trapped in tree sticks accidentally and had comminuted fracture. She couldn’t move her leg at that moment. The friends with her were extremely panic and called the ambulance right away. As you see the picture, the trails are difficult to hike, and ambulances don’t have access into the trails. Therefore, without any solutions, the police and emergency personnel climbed down the trails to check my college’s condition. Ultimately, they called the helicopter and took my college to the nearest hospital. This is an unforgettable memory for her. In addition, after doing the surgery, the doctor told her that she needed to take at least two-week rest. She couldn’t work and she might afford a huge amount of medical fee. It is really miserable for her.

Although there are lots of accidents happened in Grand Canyon every day, I still view Grand Canyon as a must-go attraction everyone ought to visit in life. Moreover, it has lots of wild animals such as deer and raccoon. Furthermore, Grand Canyon is one of the seven wonders in the world. I strongly recommend that everyone should visit here once. You will be surprised by all amazing and breath-taking scenery, and you will surely love this place.

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