Life in Los Angeles

I had lived in Los Angeles for three years. Officially I am an international student,but after I reviewed my life in LA, I would describe myself as a traveler. For many American, they spent most of the time with their family. However, my family lived in different time zone that they were twelve hours later than my time zone. I spent lots of time hanging out with my friends. We had been to lots of well-known tourist attraction, so I would like to share some secretive hot spots.

Hollywood trail

If you go to Hollywood Boulevard, you will definitely go to the Chinese Theater or the Dolby Theater to see the celebrity footprints. Many people visit there to see the Hollywood sign, but not so many people hike the Hollywood trail.If you were at a viewpoint at the Hollywood highland, you could only overlook the Hollywood sign. But if you hike the trail, you will gaze into the LA. The trail only takes you fifty minutes. I would like to visit here is because the movie Friends with benefits, I wonder could I be Jamie in the movie sitting on the “O” sign.

Palm Spring

It was early winter, my Taiwanese friends asked me whether LA snow or not. The answer was no. So I decided to look for somewhere that snows, but not ski fields. My native friends suggested me go to Palm Spring because many people go there to run away from summer. Logically, it was cold. Palm Spring is about one and half hour driving distant from Los Angeles, and I have never seen snow before I went to Palm Spring. I also enjoy sitting on Palm Spring Aerial Tramway which is one of the largest gondolas in the world.

Catalina Island

I have to say I was a little chubby at that time! Here Catalina Island is. The Island is a comfy place but not so fun. I was planning to go to Catalina Island in the summer time, but my schedule has changed. I went there in winter, and I have nothing to do except for eating. Catalina Island has lots of yummy seafood restaurants. You can stay a night there, if you like fishing village. By the way, there is a Catalina Casino on the island but it’s a movie theater.

The oldest McDonald

One day I was looking for a place to have my lunch, and I was sure that I typed the correct keyword “McDonald” on the google map. “Did I go to the fake McDonald?” this is the first impression when I saw this restaurant. However this is not a knockoff McDonald. It is the oldest operating McDonald. It is located at 10207 Lakewood Blvd Downey California! McDonald has a long history they once had been merged by Ray Kroc, but this one was owned by Richard and Maurice who were the original founder of McDonald.

Hearst Castle

It is a story about a billionaire who is nowhere else to spend his money but construct his home. Hearst Castle is William Randolph Hearst’s home. This photo is a swimming pool in his castle. According to the Wikipedia, he built the national largest newspaper chain and whose methods deeply affected the American journalism system. In general he is rich. After he passed away, he donated this castle to the California State government. Hearst Castle is open to public, and it is absolutely worth a visit. It will take about almost four hours, if you set up from LA.

Above all, there are the places that I truly recommend everyone going once you travel to LA.