Tea Processing Experience

Have you ever wondered how things are made? Every time I drink the Oolong Tea, I wondered how tea was produced and what steps were involved. I was looking forward to this day to come. I went to the Alishan tea plantation for learning about tea processing on May 2016.

This photo was taken on the B&B when I arrived the Alisahn. I’ve never been to such a spectacular place like that! I still remember the fresh air and there’s also birds twitting somewhere. The hostess made the agreeable to me, they made a lot of tea and fruits for me. After enjoying the dessert, planter took me to his one of the best tea plantations.

We walked around the plantation and talked about his story. Planter, Mr. Yeh told me “He never use the chemical fertilizers, he only uses the organic fertilizer.” He is committed to preserving the environment because he believe this way not only protect our planet but also cultivate the best tea tree.

When I stood on here to enjoy the moment, I was memorizing the Secret Life of Walter Mitty quote “ To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” I extremely happy to come here and experience the tea processing.

Before starting the tea process days, I went to the forest to pick the jaboticaba which is growing on the branches, then took a rail car to pick some bamboo shoots and peaches. Because of the high altitude, those fruits and vegetables are so flavorful, sweet and palatable. By the way, when I took a rail car, it feel like took a mini roller coaster, you have to hold the shelf tightly, otherwise you will fallen down.

How a wonderful day. Planter woke me up to start the tea processing. I dressed jeans, long sleeve and wear boots. I’m so excited about this for many years. At the beginning, I went to the tea plantation to help them plucking tea leaves. This work is not easy because what we need is the “one-tip three-leaf” tea leaves. After plucking tea leaves, we put the leaves to dry for several hours so leaves will wither and lose some of their moisture content. Then put the leaves into a big air conditioner room for withering about 3 or 4 hours. Next step is to put the leaves into the rolling machine, rolling the tea leaves will alter the flavor of the leaf. After rolling, the leaves are laid out to rest for 3 hours, allowing oxidation to take place.

Finally, put the leaves in the kind of oven machine for one time, then put in the oven dried with hot air (95°) C for 50 min. The leaves quickly to dry them and stop the oxidation process.

And this is a long and intricate process to land our high-quality tea into your cup.

When I drank what my involved in the tea process of tea, I was feeling delightful and tasted the sweets of happiness. Also, I know that “every single grain is the fruit of hard work.”