A Short Coverge of Warren Buffett

Recently, I read a short interview about Warren Buffett which is talking about his retirement plan. At 85 years young, he remains at the helm of his Berkshire Hathaway company. With a net worth of US$ 66.7 billion, he is one of the most successful investors of all time. While he is healthy and sharp as a tack, he said even his stamina slows that won’t affect his ability to pick stocks or merge companies. As the result, he decides to work long into his golden year. He thinks people can capitalize on the additional years of compounding interest and portfolio growth.

In his opinion, if you derive satisfaction from your job, why should you consider to quitting just because you have reached a certain age? He said “I tap dancing work every day because there is no things get better than that.” Also, he thinks the longer time you work, the more experience you get. For example, the old employers have better coping skills to navigate stressful situations. Just like Buffett, he has watched markets slides, companies implode and funds dry up, but he is well-experienced enough to avoid knee-jerk reaction. He didn’t become one of the world’s most successful businessmen overnight. He was learned by doing in the past decades, but he sometimes hits and misses.

In this talk, I think he found what he loves to do in his earlies. I think it is still a question for me to find what I love to do. I need to work more on it!

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