A Trip in Taipei

I went to Taipei to visit my friend this week. We haven’t been met each other for 6 months, and we looked forward to meeting each other. However, when I arrived in Taipei, there was a big rain. I was so unhappy, because it would be inconvenience to go outside….. ><!

We went to eat a famous Korea barbecue restaurant which is highly recommended on the internet.

This restaurant was very amazing and super delicious. We don’t need to cook by ourselves, and there is a handsome waiter or pretty waitress to cook for you. ( All waiters or waitress are handsome or Pretty in this restaurant…. ^0^)

We were surprised that every dish we ordered was very yummy, so we will come to here again next time.

Next day, I went to “Huashan 1914 creative park” to see the Google exhibition which our marketing teacher recommended. Google has founded in Taiwan for 10 years, So this exhibition is to display what kind of technologies they have invented during the past 10 years. For me, I think this exhibition is a little boring because I have already known all of their technologies.

I had bad luck because there was a big rain and it was cold in Taipei, but I still had a lot of fun there.

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