Lin Shih Bao Fo Jiao

Next week is our midterm exam. It makes me come up with one Chinese’s prase which called Lin Shih Bao Fo Jiao. Lin Shih Bao Fo Jiao, in words meaning, is you hold the buddha’s feet all of a sudden. In dictionary definition is “cram for something”, especially for test. When I was little, my mom always told me not to lin shih bao fo jiao. It means I only study when I have a test. I remembered when I was studying during my student life, I always study before one day of the test. I think Taiwan’s students do this frequently because we have too many exam and homework to do. A lot of students believe that studying before the test is really useful, especially vocabulary test. Although it is an efficient way to remember all the things before you take the exam, it can’t maintain too long. The fast you remember, the fast you forgot. That’s why parents and teachers don’t want us to lin shih bao fo jiao. This is indeed a bad habit, while I didn’t know at that time. I’m really regret that I ignore my mom’s advice, because I can’t remember anything I learn in school. If I have a child, I must ask her/him not to Lin Shih Bao Fo Jiao.