National Taichung Theater

This weekend, I went to Taichung, where I spent four years to study in college, to visit my college friends. This was the first time I back to Taichung after graduation. We chatted a lot and had fun. Today, I want to recommend a place in Taichung that we visited this time, National Taichung Theater.

National Taichung Theater was designed by a Japanese architect, Ito Toyo, and opened in 2015. It was located in Xitun District, where is one of the most lively areas in Taichung. The external appearance of National Taichung Theater is really special. It looks like many vases are combined. There are three main theaters inside and an outdoor theater. We can enjoy many kinds of shows here.

Besides, there are also many shops and restaurants. Lots of people visit the theater to kill their free time. On the top roof, it was designed as a garden. We can take a lot of pictures there and enjoy the wonderful view.

National Taichung Theater is one of my favorite attractions in Taichung. If you want to go to Taichung, don’t forget to look around the National Taichung Theater.