Polly’s Birthday

Simple but Happy Celebration

October 9th is my roommate Polly’s birthday. Due to Double Ten Holiday, we celebrate her birthday today after all roommates come back to ITI.

We prepared a small square cake from RT bakery, a famous bakery in Hsinchu, which has a branch near ITI. My roommate Kerina, Michelle and Polly walked there in this rainy day just for buying this birthday cake. The picture of the cake is as follow:

This cake named coco-pudding. As its named, it is made of chocolate and pudding. It has soft and fluffy taste. The chocolate sponge cake is between the thin mousse and coco powder covered the top of cake. The cake has slight chocolate favor and is not too sweet. All my roommate like it, especially Polly.

Polly is today’s leading role in the celebration. She was so kind that she made wishes for all of us. Her first wish is: hope we can improve English in ITI and hope Kerina can enhance her grade in business course. The second wish is: hope everyone can have a good relationship in love and may happiness around us. Then she kept the third wish secretly as tradition.

Although I’m not the one who can make wishes today. I hope all her wishes can come true.

This is the picture of my lovely roommate Polly while she was making wishes:

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