Reflections On My Insomnia

I had only 2 times sleepless in my life. One happened in my high school the night before graduation trip. The other happened in my university. I was rejected by a lovely girl. In addition, there was no other insomnia happened on me.

But the terrible thing happened 5 days ago. I don’t know the reason. Because it happened on the first week of term two. I didn’t feel too much pressure, and I went running in the evening. I think I kept a healthy life.

On that night, Heaps of negative things gradually appeared in my mind. I went to bed at 12:00. At 1:00, I felt a little bit anxious. At 2:00, I went to toilet and worried about I have many English classes on the next day. At 3:00, I felt very sad because I knew I have to study harder and change my personality in term two. I was angry because I couldn’t order my body to fall asleep. Did my body already know that tension? I walked to the roof and watched stars. Until 4:00 I felt tired and fell asleep.

Maybe I’m getting old now, so I have to strength my mind and my spirit. Otherwise I can’t finish the marathon of my life.