The Import Of U.S Pork

With the new government is coming, the issue of importing U.S pork was discussed again. I strongly against the import of U.S pork. There are three points that I don’t support the U.S pork. First, it is not health to our body. In order to let the pork have more tender and reduce the time and money of raising pigs, American pigs are fed some medicine that will remain in pig’s body forever. Although we cannot sure how it will affect our human body in long-term, every country makes their own rule to restrict too much medical remaining. However, U.S pork is significantly higher than Taiwan’s standard, so we should not allow it. Second, the import of American pork will affect local’s pig farming. American pork is much cheaper than Taiwan’s and other western countries, and it will ruin the balance of now’s market price. Third, if U.S pork come to Taiwan, we may not sure what the meat we are eating now is from where when we are eating out. There are more and more people prefer to eating out, but lots of Taiwan’s restaurants they will use cheaper and low quality ingredients to reduce their cost. If it really open import, there must have some restaurants will use it. Even through the U.S said that we had to open the pork import then they would let us join TPP, we still should not change our low for it. Also the relationship of Taiwan and the U.S should establish on other ways. In my opinion, I strongly oppose the U.S pork.