The legitimacy of euthanasia

There are few countries practice euthanasia for many years, but it hasn’t legalized in Taiwan yet. Do you think the legitimate euthanasia in Taiwan is good or not? Taiwan government proposed to carry out euthanasia in past years, but a great many people protested against this issue. From my viewpoint, I think Taiwan should map out the law to legalize euthanasia. It’s hard time for patients to fight disease, especially for those patients with cancer. My grandmother had not been moved and spoken in hospital for six years, so we were not able to understand what she wanted to say. All of my family couldn’t help to watching that she suffered from disease hardly, so I was thinking that my grandmother might agree to have mercy killing if euthanasia was legal in Taiwan. In addition, we still have to consider the mood and economic status from those patients’ families. In patients’ shoes, sometimes euthanasia is not a killing but relief. If there was nothing to help patients recover, and patients are just maintained their life by equipment or medicine, they would not only suffered from disease again and again, but also would feel guilty for their family. In conclusion, I think patients should have personal autonomy to determine their life.