The Most Embarrassing Moment in School

I cannot forget my most embarrassing moment in senior school. I was a good swimmer in school. One day, teacher asked four girls who were the fastest swimmers in class to attend a swimming freestyle relay. We were all excited because we had already checked with our swimming teacher that we were the top four fastest swimmers in school and it seems nothing to worry about the game. When the game started, I was the last swimmer who should end the competition. Suddenly, I drown into water and felt died while I was swimming during the game. Then, all of teachers and players came to rescue me from the swimming pool and sent me to the infirmary. When I woke up in the infirmary, I felt guilty and didn’t know how to face my excited classmates. Therefore, I decided to hide in the toilet for a while in order to let myself calm down and think how to explain the accident. Meanwhile, I heard some people yelling my name and ran into toilet to call for me to my class. They were my dear classmates and had known I made our team lose the champion in the game. I felt like crying and depressed so that I didn’t leave the toilet. “You win some, you lose some.” they said and encouraged me to attend the next game. Till now, I cannot forget my most embarrassing moment in senior school though it has been many years ago.

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