Time for a lovely breakfast

In the mood for western food the morning(I was really tired of dorm cafeteria), my friend suggested a British brunch shop, located in northern district of Hsinchu. You can see a red routemaster bus printed on the wall when approaching the shop. I loved this cute simple concept and I was totally stimulated my appetite by vivid red color.

I chose my favorite full breakfast with egg, bacon, hash browns, etc. Full breakfast is popular in the UK and it is served all day in some restaurants and hotels. I haven’t been to the UK so I wasn’t sure if it was authentic. However, it was familiar with the one I usually ate in America and I liked it a lot. All meals in the shop were freshly cooked. You can have your beverage and chat with your friends to wait for meals being prepared. I quite enjoyed my time with my friend here. I recommend this shop if you are seeking somewhere to kill time leisurely.

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