Your name

I watched a movie which called Your Name this weekend. The movie is made by Studio Ghibli and it was the most famous animate movie this year in Japan. The story is talking about two high school teenagers who called Taki(male character) and Mitsuha(female character). They switch to each other irregularly and they start to share their life. They try to figure out what happen and they start to write a note to each other about the daily life. However, one day they stop changing bodies and they can’t contact either.

I like this movie very much . It describes a lot of teenager’s mind, they want to grow up, want to leave their hometown and want to have love. Also, the whole movie they are looking for each other, but they just don’t remember the name. They forget they have changed their body and all their memories but finally they still can find each other. The movie also have a lot of beautiful landscape, the sunshine, and the building. Everything inside the movie are exquisite. The whole film is incredibly perfect, and I want to watch it again and again.