Our accommodation is flying 910 km/h over the clouds

If your next big idea is to start the Airbnb for the airlines, it’s too late. You could just go to Airbnb website and look for the Lufthansa’s profile.

“Our accommodation is flying 910 km/h over the clouds and has a personal food and beverage service.” according to Lufthansa’s AirBnB profile.

If you go to Airbnb website, on Lufthansa’s profile besides a flat or a villa, you will be surprised with a Boeing 747, with these features: Bathrooms: 4 Bed type: Couch Property type: Plane Room type: Shared room

This is not a prank. Lufthansa’s new booking policy triggered this innovation. After the terrorist attacks, to cover some expected profit losses according to their press release on their relation investment page, they decided to lower their booking budget below their previous year.

“Advance bookings, especially on long-haul routes to Europe, have declined significantly, in particular, due to repeated terrorist attacks in Europe and to greater political and economic uncertainty since the original forecast was made in March. As of today, the Executive Board regards a complete recovery as not likely anymore. At its meeting today, the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, therefore, decided to lower the full-year forecast for the Adjusted EBIT from “slightly above previous year” to “below previous year,” despite an earnings performance above previous year in the first six months.”

Even if you don’t want to book a room over the clouds, try to visit their Airbnb page to see the level of creativity and their great sense of humor. Believe it or not, they obeyed all the Airbnb rule, even the house rules and the list of Amenities.

House Rules:

  • This is a booking of a Premium Economy Seat on a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to New York City, USA.
  • You can book this wonderful seat within the following travel period 08.23.2016–12.15.2016. The booking is non-refundable but can be altered for a fee.
  • For a more personal and better communication regarding your flight, we would love you to provide us with your telephone number in the private message.
  • You can drop off two pieces of luggage.
  • Feeder flights are not part of the deal.
  • Minimum stay is four days.
  • You cannot stay longer than one month.
  • Just one night? Well, the flight doesn’t take more than that. But, of course, your stay can be determined individually by the Call Center. Please keep in mind that there are a minimum and maximum stay.
  • The Deutsche Lufthansa AG pays the host charges of 3%. The AirBnB charges will be paid by you.
  • This flight cannot be canceled.
  • After a booking request, the Lufthansa Call Center will try three times to reach you via telephone. After that, they will send you an email. The Call Center will call you within 2 hrs after requesting the booking. This will be within their opening hours between 08:00 and 22:00 h CET.


Originally published at itkey.media on July 27, 2016.