Berlin talks trust-based vs. hands-on management.

Berlin talks trust-based vs. hands-on management.

ITR8 Berlin
Nov 1, 2016 · 2 min read

Which works better? The truth is, there is no one way.

Certainly every employee, manager and company will have their preferred management style. And while a trust-based approach is more likely to inspire confidence in employees, a manager that is too ‘hands-off’ runs the risk of their team feeling abandoned.

How to find the right balance?

We searched for answers last week at the enpact Fishbowl — an interactive panel discussion on trust-based vs. hands-on management. Guest speaker and ITR8 Managing Director Semir Chouaibi shared his insights on the benefits of a trust-based approach, while FinLeap Head of Product Philipp Gérard shared the upside to being a highly-involved manager.

Top tips for managers? Here were some of our favourites…

Hire as a team.

Get your team involved in the recruiting process. Get to know candidates in casual environments as well as the interview room.

Keep the lines open.

Communicate with your team on a regular basis. Daily stand-ups, weekly meetings, ongoing Slack… whatever works, without over-doing it.

Get your hands dirty.

Being too ‘hands-off’ from your projects means you’ll miss crucial details. Get involved to understand the reality of how your projects are going.

Empower your employees.

Give your team the space to work independently and make mistakes. Allow them to learn valuable lessons for themselves, and implement the learnings for next time.

Crises will happen.

When sh*t hits the fan, be there to back up your employees. Stand up for your team in the tricky client conversations.

Embrace feedback.

Positive, negative, embrace it all. Encourage honesty and avoid sugar-coating for the sake of protecting egos.

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