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Plants at the ITR8 office.

How we ‘greened’ our office without spending a cent…

At product agency ITR8, we are always conducting user research for our clients. Testing and learning, failing early so we can succeed faster.

We also like the idea of conducting our own experiments in-house, to test hypotheses and learn more about human behaviour. Read on for one of our favourite (and most successful) experiments…

We asked our local community for plants.

Ask and you shall receive, they say. So we did.

We wanted to add a bit of colour and happiness to our office, but didn’t have a huge budget for interior decorating. Since our office is located on the ground floor of a busy street, we thought about asking our local community if anyone had spare plants to donate. So we made a simple sign for the front door, asking just that.

The response was overwhelming! For two weeks straight, we had people knocking on our door almost every day, bringing their plants to brighten our office. We received spiky cactuses, tall ferns and a rubber tree that leaned to one side. Berlin local Luis even dropped off this little succulent, and stayed for a chat!

Berlin local Luis donated one of his succulents!

Why experiment?

As a lean start-up, we believe it’s always best to test hypotheses rather than discuss them for too long. If you can conduct an experiment in less than the time needed to weigh up the pros and cons… it’s a no brainer.

If the first iteration fails, try again!

What will we do next?

We printed some funny stickers with our favourite sayings. Maybe a bit of guerrilla stickering in our favourite Berlin bars…

ITR8 stickers… Prototyping is not a crime, Ask Anything, Iterate or die.

Had some fun with your own experiments? Tell us about them!

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