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ITR8 Cases: How we helped a charity, by starting with Design Thinking.

ITR8 Design Thinking Workshop for SoDi.

Over the course of 2015, SoDi experienced a sharp decline in donations. In addition, their existing web presence was perceived as unclear, unstructured and difficult to use.

The brief

ITR8 was invited to prepare, implement, and moderate a Design Thinking workshop for SoDi, for the team to develop user-centred ideas and directly test them together.

SoDi Website 2016.

Our approach

  1. Creation and facilitation of a mixed team to develop hypotheses.
  2. Drafting the actual problem: “We want to find a digital solution to increase our online donations by €10,000 in 2016.”
  3. Specifying the target group through the creation of proto-personas.
  4. Hallway Testing the created prototypes with real users.
  5. Elaborating the prototypes based on the user feedback.

The results

SoDi has a better understanding of their target group through the definition of proto-personas and the feedback from real users. The actual problem was defined and a proposal for a solution was recommended.

What our client says

Patricia Schulte, Fundraising Consultant
“We were finally able to develop a clear idea of the needs of our target audience. The methods used were very interesting to us and have contributed to our insights. The work was also a lot of fun for us.”

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