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ITR8 Cases: Making homework fun for kids? We designed an app for that…

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ITR8 was called to support with an exciting innovation project for Cornelsen Publishing. According to their design thinking studies, students needed an overview of their current homework and the possibility to discuss tasks with their fellow students.

The brief

Students needed to be more motivated to do their homework. In order to achieve this, we built an MVP with integrated task manager and messaging. The app was successfully tested with students from grade 7–10.

Our approach

Identify the hypotheses and quickly test the product.

  1. Collaborative prioritisation of planned features with clients, to work out the most important and risky hypotheses.
  2. Starting with the chosen hypotheses, selection of a feature set to be validated.
  3. Discussion with the tech and product teams and adaptation to their technologies.
  4. Software development integrated into the running scrum-process.
MVP of the app for Cornelsen Publishing.

The results

The app was tested with students 7–10. The results have invalidated the hypothesis, so the client decided to invest in other ideas.

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