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ITR8 Cases: Relaunching a product platform for scook.

ITR8 team Ruben (Product Designer), Judith (Program Manager) and Daniel (Product Designer) at work.

scook, a digital learning and teaching platform with over 190K users has been growing rapidly in the last few years. Due to many new features, the key benefits of the platform were hard to identify.

The brief

ITR8 was asked to revise the scook home page, as well as update and improve the product portfolio shown on their website. The product needed to clearly reiterate its focus. Additionally we got to re-think the mobile and desktop concept.

Our approach

  1. Reshaping of the home page in order to maximise conversion rate.
  2. Detailed understanding of the target group, the market and product with Design Thinking methods.
  3. Collection and validation of hypotheses by intensive User Research.
  4. Definition of small work packages for a rapid problem-solution process.
  5. Work in mixed teams at scook’s office in order to ensure quick development and seamless communication.

We conducted 7 stakeholder workshops, 73 usability tests, 50 validated hypotheses, 20 prototypes, 18 usability tests with students in house or at school.

The results

The conversion rate of new users increased by 27%.

What our client says

Philipp Gonzales-Scheller, Portal Manager at scook
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with ITR8 for the past year on a range of projects at scook. They have delivered top quality work. It’s refreshing to find a team of specialists that are genuinely agile and lean. I can highly recommend them.”

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