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ITR8 Cases: Redesign for an interactive learning game platform…

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Feb 14, 2017 · 2 min read

ITR8 was asked to redesign Cornelsen’s Interaktive Übungen; an interactive learning experience for students. This browser-based learning game needed to be accessible on all devices and complement the print products in the Cornelsen programme.

The brief

A holistic review of the current concept and improvement of the User Flow for learners to create a more playful experience. Redesign of the platform’s CMS for easier creation of new activities for a variety of subjects and learning goals.

Our approach

Improve the User Flow and test the product with the target group.

  1. Definition of problems to solve, goals to reach, processes to pursue, tools and resources to use.
  2. Research, analysis, and evaluation of other learning games and platform-based learning products by the client and other publishers on the market.
  3. Development of an Inclusive Design concept that tackles the problems and works for all stakeholders and target groups.
  4. Prototyping, usability testing and journey mapping the user experience.
  5. Optimisation of the platform’s information architecture by creation of content models and restructuring the content management system.
  6. Development of a mobile-first, responsive interaction and visual design.

The results

The usability could be improved, as proven by various user testings with the target group. Project is currently in implementation. Check back here for new information.

What our client says

Christine Hauck, Cornelsen Publishing

“Collaborative work with ITR8 is professional, creative and cooperative. When we are unable to find internal resources we can always depend on their help.”

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ITR8 Life

Case studies, lean methods and startup stories from Berlin product agency ITR8.

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ITR8 Life

ITR8 Life

Case studies, lean methods and startup stories from Berlin product agency ITR8.

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