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Backed for success: secures $2.7m in funding from influential industry backers.

Changing the entire DeFi Insurance landscape for the better will be no small task. That’s why we at is delighted to have worked with Saxon Advisors and Rarestone Capital and secured over $2.7m in funding from some of the biggest and most influential backers in the space.

Rarestone Capital, KR1, Apollo Capital, CTF Capital, Block0, Black Dragon, Exnetwork Capital, FBG Capital, Moonrock Capital, OkEx, Sanctor Capital, Decentral Park and Twin Apex Capital are among the names that have placed their trust in iTrust during our early funding rounds.

The investment, received after each provider conducted thorough research and due-diligence into our project roadmap, team and credentials, will allow us to build out our ambitious roadmap and make staking efficient for all DeFi insurance market participants.

iTrust CEO, Peter L commented: “At the very start of the project, we were clear that the quality, experience and reputation of any future partners would be equally if not more important to us than the level of financial commitment involved. We were, therefore, delighted that some of the biggest and most reputable funds in the space believed in our vision and our team enough to invest significant amounts of money and time into our project. Following these early investment rounds, and a successful product launch we are well positioned to deliver on our plans to revolutionise the DeFi insurance space”.

You can find out more about what we’re building at iTrust, including our easy-staking app, quadratic voting-based prediction markets and gamified LP farming on our website, or dedicated info site.



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