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Dive into the ALL NEW $ITG Reef and earn a (literal) APY of up to 219%

iTrust has launched an all-new SLP pool — the $ITG Reef, with a huge literal APY of (currently) 219%. Dive in!

Hot on the heels of our successful single asset ($ITG) staking Blue Lagoon, we’re delighted to launch yet another staking option for $ITG holders — the $ITG reef.

Hosted by, the $ITG reef allows you to stake $ITG-USDC Sushi LPs in return for a HUGE (literal) APY which (at the time of writing) sits at 219%!

How do I join the $ITG Reef?

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the instructions so you can be swimming in juicy rewards right away.

  1. Head to the Liquidity tab on the Sushiswap $ITG-USDC pair (you can click this link and head straight to the relevant page) and connect your Metamask wallet

2. Deposit liquidity to the pool by adding an equal value of $ITG and $USDC (you may need to approve both USDC and ITG if you have not done so before)

You may need to approve both $ITG and $USDC before depositing liquidity if you have not done so before

3. Once you have approved the necessary transactions and deposited both your $ITG and $USDC to the SushiSwap pool, you will receive Sushi LPs in return.

4. Head to our hosted $ITG Reef and connect your Metamask wallet:

5. Deposit your desired amount of SLP, approve the transaction in your Metamask wallet, and away you go!

Deposit your $ITG-$USDC SLPs here and start earning your yield!

That’s it! Follow the simple steps outlined above and you’ll be accruing interest in $ITG instantly.

If you’re more of a ‘single asset staking’ kinda fish, then you can still deposit your $ITG into our ‘no impermanent loss’ single-staking $ITG Blue Lagoon, with a literal APY of 50%!

Keep an eye out across all of our channels for all the latest iTrust news!


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