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Earn bounties of up to $1000 per month as an iTrust Ship Captain!

In this pilot scheme, we are looking for TWO Ship Captains to spread the iTrust name far and wide across the DeFi seas, in return for a generous bounty! Do you have what it takes to be a Ship Captain? Apply Here.

Introducing the iTrust Ship Captains Programme

The most passionate of iTrust Advocates, Ship Captains will be tasked with promoting iTrust products, educating users on product benefits and building the iTrust community.

As an iTrust Ship Captain, you can assemble your own ‘crew’ within the iTrust Discord community and will be rewarded for success of your crew in achieving defined goals with a bounty of up to $1000 USDC per month!

What is an iTrust Ship Captain?

In this pilot phase of the program, we are initially looking for two iTrust Ship Captains. Each Ship captain will be rewarded for promoting the iTrust project online, with the aim of achieving one of the specific Captain’s Targets outlined below (for month 1).

Captain’s Targets

Once elected, our two Ship Captains will be able to choose which of the two targets below they will be judged upon at the end of their first month:

  1. Fill up the ITG Reef (Sushi LP Pool)
  2. Add 1000 ACTIVE members to the iTrust Discord

Ship captains will be able to use any skills at their disposals in order to contribute to the accomplishment of the above Captain’s Targets, including:

  • YouTube videos
  • Medium Articles
  • Social Media Posts
  • Competitions
  • Infographics
  • Wherever your imagination takes you!

What is a Ship Captain’s Crew?

Ship Captains will only receive the full $1000 bounty at the end of the month if their chosen goal (from those listed above) is achieved.

Sure, if you’re a promotion machine, you may wish to take on the task yourself and claim the entire $1000 bounty at the end of the month.

However, for most humans, it will be tough, maybe impossible, to achieve one of the above goals alone. Therefore, Ship Captains may wish to allocate a portion of their iTrust bounty payment to rewarding a ‘Crew’ of additional iTrust community members.

To assist with this, Ship Captains will be given their own section of the iTrust Discord Server in which to organise their Crew. They will be given exclusive ‘Ship Captain’ status in the Discord Server. Maybe in future, they will receive an exclusive NFT too…

Remember, many hands make light work!

Climb aboard the Good Ship iTrust and earn a $1000 bounty for your troubles!

Captain’s Duties (Immediate Bounty — $200 USDC)

The elected Ship Captains will each receive an immediate payment of $200 USDC as a bounty for performing these duties as a minimum requirement for 1 month:

  • Attend a 1hr (max) planning / review call every week with the iTrust team
  • Participate in, and promote a weekly Discord Call with the community
  • Grow and manage a Crew within the iTrust Discord (if you choose to do so)
  • Produce min. 10 x pieces of promotional material per month (total for Crew)

Ship Captains’ Victory Bounty ($800 USDC!)

Sailing the DeFi Seas and planting the iTrust flag far and wide is no mean feat, and we believe Ship Captains should be rewarded handsomely.

Therefore, in this pilot version of the scheme, our first Ship Captains will be eligible for a victory bounty of $800 $USDC (on top of the $200 up front ‘Captain’s Duty’ payment) if they hit their Captain’s Target within one month. (any payment made to a Captain’s Crew will need to come out of this final bounty).

Therefore the total monthly bounty available to Ship Captains is:

  • $200 USDC (immediate ‘Captains Duty’ Bounty)
  • $800 $USDC (Captain’s Victory Bounty if they achieve their Captain’s Target within 1 month)

= Total Ship Captains’ Bounty of $1000 $USDC

I want to be an iTrust Ship Captain! How can I apply?

Our first two iTrust Ship Captains will ultimately be elected by our Community.

The iTrust team will create a shortlist of applicants and share these applicants proposals with the iTrust Discord community who will then be able to vote for TWO Ship Captains for this initial pilot phase.

Minimum entry requirements for Ship Captains:

  • Must hold Minimum. 5000 $ITG
  • Must be an iTrust Community Member
  • Must submit a proposal outlining their strategy for achieving their goal and how much of the iTrust Bounty they would allocate to their Crew.


Terms and Conditions

  • Ship Captains and any associated crew members are NOT in any way employed by or associated with iTrust.
  • Funds are provided as a bounty for the completion of certain tasks at the complete discretion of iTrust. iTrust reserves the right to amend / cancel / update the terms of the Ship Captains promotion at any time.
  • Ship Captains and associated crew members do not represent iTrust.
  • iTrust is not responsible in any way for opinions, published material, online posts etc made by Ship Captains and crew.
  • A Ship Captain’s decision whether to work with a crew is completely at their own discretion and they bare all responsibility for their relationship with their crew. Any promises made by Ship Captains to crew members are not endorsed by iTrust and iTrust is not responsible for fulfilling any promises made to crew members by ship captains.

Keep an eye out across all of our channels for all the latest iTrust news!


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