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$ITG holders: Dive into our Blue Lagoon Partnership Pool and drench yourself in bonus staking rewards!

The ‘Reef Pool’ has had a rebrand and a big $FVT Boost!

Our Blue Lagoon Partnership Pool (BLPP) is now open to all $ITG holders to stake their tokens for some extra special rewards.

What’s special about the BLPP?

The BLPP is a single-sided $ITG-only staking pool, which is stacked with benefits:

  • Because the pool is $ITG only, there is no impermanent loss!
  • APY of 50% (Actual yield 24.931% after 6 months)
  • Bonus share of 500,000 $FVT thanks to our partners

The pool closes on 24/12/2021 — so if you leave your tokens in the pool for the full 6 months, you will realise a yield of 24.931%. The earlier you stake your tokens, the more interest you will accrue!

Where to stake your $ITG in the BLPP

Simply head to:, connect your MetaMask wallet and deposit your funds to the vault!

Wasn’t this supposed to be called the ‘Reef Pool’?

Well, that’s an interesting story…

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that we had previously advertised this single-sided pool as the ‘Reef Pool’. So why the change of name?

Well, there are two main reasons. Firstly, we want to recognise the huge contribution of our partners in providing the incredible 500,000 $FTV bonus for stakers.

Secondly, some of you may also know we had a pretty tough day at iTrust Towers yesterday, as an error within SushiSwap Miso’s smart contract prevented our IDO participants claiming their tokens on time.

Whilst this was not in any way our fault, we have always said our community is our number 1 priority and we wouldn’t let them down.

That we managed to retrieve the funds within 2 hours and put a plan in place to distribute the $ITG to our IDO participants was, in no small part, due to the genius of a ‘smart contract whisperer’ we have been working with in Bali.

It is in his honour that we are naming the pool ‘Blue Lagoon’ after Bali’s most famous diving spot!

Now then, iTrusters — all that’s left for you to do, to start realising those juicy BLPP gains, is head on over to and dive in!

About seeks to improve efficiency and usability in the DeFi Market. Maximising cover capacity and accruing token rewards for stakers in the DAO; increasing the overall market value of the underlying insurance protocol.

On launch, iTrust’s unique application will offer a host of yield-maximising staking options for Nexus Mutual ($NXM) holders and crucially, wrapped Nexus Mutual ($wNXM) token holders alike. With other insurance protocols to follow.



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